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Yuta Tsuruta
Makoto Tsuruta
Takuma Yoshioka
Taro Kuratani
Seiichi Fujii
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hirokifilms 3月版です!


Shigeki Ouchi
Shiyu Orikawa
Hidenori Ishizaki
Yasuhiro Uehara
Yasuto Watanabe
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Chris Day, riding for General Bicycles, expert flatland bmx run, AFA Master Round 5 1987. William Patterson College. Wayne, NJ.
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Here are a few more new links from my 43rd year of life. I had fun working on this massive cliff hanger combo and continuing to learn new back wheel stuff.
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“Forget What You Heard” is a full length BMX flatland film by Steven Lapsley. Featuring full sections by Ahmed Johnson, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, Hirokazu Miura, Jérémy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Mateus Beckmann, Naoto Tamaru, Rodolphe Clavelier and Yorihisa Shiota.
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John Yull won three awards for the 2017 Flatmattersonline Year end awards, editorial and reader choice Most Progressive Rider and Line of the Year editorial for his Master of Creativity 2017. Being at the top, it is interesting to dig beneath and talk about the mindset riders are in to get to that level, this kind of level doesn't just happen often and only a few make the sacrifice to achieve that level. John Yull is one of the chosen few, via some brainstorming with John and Todd Carter we came up with the following interview. Sit back grab a cuppa and show some love to John! Todd Carter caught up with John Yull during the AFA Texas weekend to talk all things Master of Creativity. Thanks a lot Todd for taking the time to interview John, this is a good one!

00:48: In this day of age of everyone being online constantly, sharing almost everything they do on a daily basis. John made the decision to stay offline.

2:13: Not stacking clips and using a strategy but instead going in hard round to round right up until the deadline.

4:07: Which round of the MOC was John most happy with?

4:46: Which round did you not like as much?

5:56: Personal satisfaction, not being happy with clips.

7:13: Riding early morning in Japan before any riders were at Meriken park so no one would see what he's trying.

7:52: The impact of the no handed decade on social media. Did he peek in to see what was going on online during this time period?

9:46: Thoughts on judging this year's Master of Creativity contest?

10:53: The crash section John posted from his MOC entries was brutal, was the worst slam or at least most memorable?

15:04: Focus this year after competing in MOC for the last years? What can we expect this year?

16:06: MOC not being fun, and shouldn't be fun.

17:20: Any advice for riders on the fence, should I enter MOC or not?

18:15: If you had to pick one trick from the MOC 2017 what would it be?

19:26: Thank you's
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BMX COMPETITION yang sering diadakan setiap setahun sekali ya tidak lain dan tidak bukan " MESIN BERSATU " UNISMA BEKASI dan sekarang sudah anniversary ke 14.ada makna, kesan, dan pesan yang tersimpan didalamnya.

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