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Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring A. 20, 33, and 45 Degrees:

Slack Cam Ring A. provides Z-Coaster slack of:

20 degrees (1/18 of a crank rotation)

33 degrees (1/12 of a crank rotation)

45 degrees (1/8 of a crank rotation)

These slack options are suited more for flatland riding.

Slack Cam rings with different degrees of slack can be bought separately.

See Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring Removal/Installation video below:
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Steps to follow along with the Profile Z-Coaster Slack-Cam Ring Removal/Installation:

1. Remove drive-side jam nut.
2. Remove driver from axle (Bearing may be attached to driver, which is ok).
3. Use small screwdriver and begin to unwind spiral retaining ring. Use your hand to continue unscrewing the retainer ring off the driver.
4. Remove Flat Spring Spacer from driver.
5. Remove existing Slack-Cam Ring.
6. Replace with desired Slack-Cam Ring (***Be sure to have the laser etched side of the ring facing outwards. It will not work if it's inserted upside down).
7. Re-install Spiral Retaining Ring (Snap Ring). This can be done by screwing it back into its retaining slot by hand. But we strongly suggest using the Z-Coaster Snap Ring Installation Tool.
The tool makes installation extremely easy and prevents any damage to the spiral ring.
8. Re-Install Flat Spring Spacer (***Be sure Flat Spring Tab is in desired Slack Setting Slot).
9. Depress the three pawls with your fingers. Rotate Slack-Cam Ring counter clock wise to lock pawls in down position.
10. Make sure Driver Support Bearing is either on the driver or in the hub shell.
11. Now you can re-install the driver into the Z-Coaster by hand.
12. Install and re-tighten jam nuts (***Jam nuts MUST be tightened for Z-Coaster mechanism to work)
13.Go Ride!
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A small video, just to say my motivation's coming back, like the summer!
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Razões Contra a Redução da Maioridade Penal.
Reduzir a maioridade penal não reduz a violência.

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In April 2014, two amazing athletes, Bboy Cico and Viki Gomez met in Italy to share their passions and match them together. They asked us to shoot a promo video which could show the two disciplines together.
The cover image is from the amazing photographer Mauro Puccini who enjoyed us for the project.

We started looking for an amazing location and after a while we did it!
OPIFICIUM is an idea, a dream, an inspiration. It was shot in less than one day.
The idea is to try to combine the art and the movement of the king of the power moves and the king of bmx flatland.
We found a third unique character: the location.
It's a huge abandoned aluminium factory from the early 20th century near the italian Alps. Enjoy the pace!

Bboy Cico - Mauro Peruzzi
Viki Gomez
Filmmaker Christian Cinetto
Production Jengafilm
Editor Alice Ranzato
Producer Marta Ridolfi
Photographer Mauro Puccini

Thanks to GG.M Sports Image Management and Bente Weiler
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instagram @michalkupec
music: Vanic x Tove Styrke - Borderline
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