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Rider: Chris Böhm ------ Follow:
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The documentation never ends. Taking my back wheel tricks out of the carpark from the long winter to the summer sunshine of The Green Mile. Front wheel links for good measure.

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(1) Let go of things not meant for you.
(2) Why feed on bitterness
(3) Don't trust your weakness

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Alberto Moya from Spain has a very original style ! The balance Alberto has in this low speed style of flatland is nearly possible ! A very good and interesting run from Alberto ! The crowd went wild !
posted: 4 years ago

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Some late night flatland with some backyard drumming in San Antonio. A few combos I just worked out.
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On this episode I got on FaceTime with one of my closest friends, Terry Adams.

Terry is a professional flatland BMX rider who grew up about an hour away from me, but even though we lived so close to each other our whole lives and were both into BMX, we didn’t really connect and become friends until early 2006 after I had graduated college.

Since then I’ve done countless photo and videos shoots with Terry all around the U.S. and traveled all over the world with him to various BMX contests and events.

Terry Adams making his dream of riding on water come true during a special Red Bull project. (Photo by Fat - April 2013)

Terry was homeschooled and dyslexic and began competing on the professional level at the age of 16. He has since won an X Games gold medal and numerous other competitions all around the globe. He’s been featured on the cover of and in the pages of all of the major BMX magazines around the word, and has won two Number One Rider Awards (NORA Cup) from Ride BMX Magazine. He’s also had a Flick Trix toy bike that was modeled after his personal bike.

Terry is currently one of (if not the only) flatland BMX riders in the United States that is making a living off his sponsors and endorsements. He’s a self-promotion and marketing machine that has figured out a way to present himself as a “BMX rider”, and not just a “flatland rider”.

Terry has a documentary about his life called “Dreams”, which is fitting because he bases a lot of his life off of his dreams and ambitions, setting goals, and bringing them all to fruition.

In the past few years Terry has gotten really into real estate investing, and now that he has formed an investment company with a business partner they are killing it! They are acquiring properties left and right with big plans to keep expanding very quickly.

In our conversation Terry and I talked about his money mindset, his obsession with setting and achieving goals, and some of the success he’s experienced with creating the life he dreams of.

We also talked a lot about how his mindset has changed over the years and allowed him to do bigger things with his life, career, and bank account.

I wanted this to be one of my first interviews with The Expansion Project, but our busy schedules just never lined up until now. With Terry as one of my closest friends I am beyond thrilled to share this conversation with the world!

Questions I Asked:
- Where did your financial journey start?
- Why did you pick real estate to start with in your investing career?
- What were the beginning steps for you to learn about real estate?
- How do you manage your money?
- Where does your motivation come from in business and investing?
- How do you focus and put so much energy into so many different things at such a high level? (Riding, investing, your family, etc.?)
- Do you have a favorite quote, or do you have a favorite piece of advice someone has given you?

Resource Links & Show Notes:

- Terry Adams on Instagram

- Terry Adams on Facebook

- Terry Adams on Twitter

- Terry Adams’ Personal Web Site

- Terry Adams’ Dreams Documentary

- Secrets of Millionaire Mind (book)
- My Synopsis of The Book (blog post)

- Dave Mirra on The Expansion Project
posted: 4 years ago

posted: 4 years ago