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Benjamin Hudson is at his second year riding for Far East Cycles, see what he comes up with in this short but sweet edit at his local spot next to the Amusement Park he currently works for in Beijing, China. Riding the Turbo Frame, Turbo Fork and Titanium Crankset. Watch as he does impossible maneuvers seem so easy on his featherlight Flatland BMX bike.

Shout out to Diego Galdames for the camera work and editing.

Music : Nu - MAN O TO (Original Mix)
posted: 4 years ago

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3 different backwards jugglers...
posted: 4 years ago

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Hot weather, about 33°C in Germany and I pulled some new combos.
Enjoy that awesome weather!
posted: 4 years ago

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Found a flatland vid I hadn't loaded, so I tracked drums today with my Gopro strapped to me. Soon I'll post the drumming vid on it's own to see if anyone gets motion sickness.
posted: 4 years ago

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AUG 15 2008 Open Class Final
posted: 4 years ago

Original comment: / GringoVisual Christopher Hana
Jamming with local bmx flatland legend, Gabe Weed, over to the U.S. Open for FLtaland bmx riding! #Gringobmx #Gringoflatland #Gringofun #Vansbmx
Viajando con local rider de flatland legendario, Gabe Weed, al evento del U.S. Open de flatland bmx! —
posted: 4 years ago

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The Final Fracas - August 2nd, 2015

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors:
S&M bikes, PB Blaster, WE bicycles, Quest BMX, Porkchop BMX, Bizhouse, Flatland Fuel, Profile Racing, Colony, Port Jeff Bike Dr., Primo, Heresy, Bern Helmets, Deco, We The People, Etnies, igi, Remorse, Daily Grind Shop, St. Martin, Reklamation Bikes, Boston Bike Guy, Scott Denoncourt, A Wicked Ride, Fuse Concepts, EB Skatepark Committee, Teddie Peanut Butter,, and Maul's Bike Shop.

I started the Fracas in 2010 with a few small goals. Over the years it grew exponentially and smashed every one of them. There is no way (and not enough space) to thank all the friends, family, riders from all over, and sponsors that contributed and made it happen over the years. Flatland BMX is alive and well in New England, and we were glad to prove it over and over!

Thanks again, -Rick MacDonald

Pretty Good:
1. Ian Hicks
2. Stephen Toomey
3. Luke Hammerquist
4. Mike Fink

Real Good:
1. Freddy Brown
2. Darryl Johnson
3. Danny Sirkin
4. Kieran Chapman
4. Shane Reed
4. Rick MacDonald
4. Scott Denoncourt
4. Scott Duszlak
4. John Simmons
4. Andrew Parrish
4. Tommy Williams
4. Kevin Robinson
4. Tony Peloquin
4. Anthony Delairro

Bad Ass:
1. Jean William Prevost (Dub)
2. Jason Plourde
3. Luke Malone
4. Jim Cavanaugh
4. Mannie Nogueira
4. Steve Jordan
4. Gabe Kadmiri
4. Rich Upjohn

Bizhouse RockWalk Challenge:
Trent Chavez
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