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After we got wrapped up with a session on the Friday at the UK Flatland Championships at the Cycle Expo, in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Matti Hemmings wanted me to interview Davis Dudelis as a bit of pre hype for the event, as it turns out the Wifi wasn't the best and when I got home my laptop died once again so I am little late uploading this.
Considering I had no preparation going into this, I am pretty happy about how this turned out, we discuss Davis' hilarious party antics, the nose manual world record, his flat street style, struggling with motivation, what he thinks about the UK, why he always comes back to the UK Flatland Champs, his favourite Matti Hemmings quote on the mic and much more. This was good fun, so thought I would post it.

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Blend 1999 - bmx flatland movie
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In typical style, Sam Foakes took us all by surprise showing up at the UK Flatland Championships this past weekend at the Cycle Expo, Harrogate, Yorkshire.
After a few years break, Sam has made his comeback to the contest scene and he came back in style to take the second place spot. His style is still the same and there are no compromises in his riding style at all, preferring to fall off rather than pump the tyre. I had a problem with copyright on the music Sam rode to (a Hospital Records track), so my apologises for the lack of soundtrack in his run. The sound returns for a short interview with the man himself after his run (I think James and Sam thought I was taking a photo hahaha), I hope you enjoy this one. Welcome back Sam!
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Alan Alfaro -

Renz Viaje-

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Dominik Nekolny is a true machine, snapping his bars the day the UK Flatland Championships at home in Prague. Flying in, with a. new set of bars that he wasn't used to. Dom got the job done like it was nothing, his first run was flawless: watch it right here! Dom won the UK Flatland Championship title for the third time.
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Just got a fresh new frame and bars from Standard Bikes and this is the first weekend shred I had on it! Look forward to see what I can learn on this beast!
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