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2015 Flatland BMX Edit
posted: 3 years ago

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Bmx Flatland session after the Com'in Lyon Contest.
Riders: Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Fabien Stephan, Alberto Moya, Kevin Jacob, Mates Tucek and Matthieu Bonnecuelle.
Thanks to Matthieu and Stephane Bar!
Merci a tout la scene Lyonese!
Music: The Sound Defects: Angels
Filmed and Edited: Alberto Moya
posted: 3 years ago

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I've had a few trick styles I've focused on lately. Opposite barflips being the first. In this video I do 6 different opposite barflip variation. The barflip from the wheelchair I'm particularly proud of as well as the backwards inward sf oppo bar to regular foot backwards, that trick I landed once for a video 5 years ago, haven't been able to duplicate it till now. it's extraordinarily difficult.

Another is gadget whips, I learned them in China but pretty well stopped after I did a few and got them on tape. Since coming home I relearned them and got them considerable more consistent and put them into new variations. my favorite is the gadget whip to wheelchair near the end.

Another trick I'm proud of starts at 3:09 it is a candy bar wrap around foot jam op whip shuffling my feet to end in a backwards bar split pedal steam thing. The foot jam technique I've dabbled with over the years, the first version was in my Welcome to Standard edit. but this brand new version came very organically, from when I thought of the idea the trick took less than 10 minutes to pull the first time. Sometimes it surprises me that some of my best or wierdest tricks come so quickly and organically.

Speaking of weird there's plenty of that in here like the swing tricks, tire grab whip, body varial land, and more.

Lastly the technique for the ender was an idea Martti Kuoppa gave me. I took it and ran with it not only doing it forwards but backwards.

I'm very proud of this edit and all the new tricks I'm made recently. There's a lot of technical little pieces that are easy to miss so pay close attention. I hope you all enjoy this edit, because I have sure enjoyed making it!

Filmed from late October through November.

Song: As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chillout mix) by Motorcycle
posted: 3 years ago

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Hiroki Iwata, Masashi Itani, Shinichi Kiba, Jun Katayama, Tomokazu Morinaga, Susumu Morioka, Takahiro Higaki, Namito Watanabe, Michitaro Abe, Sihimpei Hanawa. Enjoy.
posted: 3 years ago

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Having a blast on SwiftyZERO in Bristol UK . Just goes to show you can use them really #goanywhere.
posted: 3 years ago

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Weird lag at the end, whatever.
posted: 3 years ago

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Episódio 22° do Vlog da Família Comum.
TimeLapse da movimentação das nuvens carregadas de chuva.
Pandolfe - estabelecimento comercial dentro do Mercado Municipal de Piracicaba. S.P. - Brasil.
Minha esposa no almoço de domingo prepara uma deliciosa Lasanha!
Confira no PLAY!!!






Videografista: Lísias Tabarelli ou "LISIASCOMUM"

Lísias Tabarelli, Flatland Way!, TIMELAPSE Gabriel Paris, Europa, Piracicaba Way, Lasanha, Pandolfe mercado Municipal, comida Paula, arte música, BMX Freestyle, Bike Manobras, Lisias Comum, arte, música, festival, carnaval, família, 2015, Paula, Paolla Nicolas Mathias, Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brasil, moderno futuro show movimento entre amor Paz.
posted: 3 years ago