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We are back with the 2nd episode of how to bmx flatland! With your host, Effraim Catlow teaching you how to ride in and out of the front peg balance move as shown in episode 1.
I filmed the majority of this video, before Arthur arrived so theres kind of two things going on in this how to.
There's the how to and a visual story of Arthur learning the trick himself, with tuition from myself.

Trick tips:

1. Set yourself up on the left side of bike, right foot on back left peg.
2. Take one push and roll forward, left pedal half way up.
3. Left foot to left foot peg.
4. Once you feel you are slow enough to control the bike, turn your body anti clockwise turn 90 degrees and get your right foot to the tyre as quickly as possible ( there are multiple views on the video to help you).
5. Once in balance point, get yourself steady, stand up straight, give it some no handed raditide.
6. Hands back on and start thinking about the ride out.
7. Stay in the balance position and twist the bars back towards the posit they would be if you were riding forwards.
8. The space between your right foot and left pedal will be quite small, so time your movement taking off the right foot and placing on left pedal when you think are comfortable keeping your body weight over the right side of the bike as the pressure from pedal can cause you flip backwards.

To perform the ride in and ride out front peg balance with front brake is much easier, as the brake gives you more time.

The only real difference is the ride out, where you will be in the front peg balance position and reach for the seat clamp area on top tube instead of pedal, keeping hold of the brake and reaching for the left pedal to ride away (refer to how to or drop me a comment if you are having problems.

Follow the how-to: there are point of views, and numerous repeats on how to perform the balance ride in and ride out. Is this helpful, or is the video too long?

Thank you for watching, really stoked on the feedback on episode 1. I thought I would push the boat out somewhat for episode 2. Hope you all enjoy it, and mostly enjoy flatland. Once you get past this stage, so many tricks await you, which is more fun!

Big thanks to Eastney Community Centre, and Arthur's mum for filming some of the coaching sections in this video.

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Crew de BMX Flatland dos anos 90
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In the late 1980s, Craig Grasso was at the forefront of a growing movement within the BMX scene towards a new form of riding: street riding. Instead of adhering to strictly ramps or flatland, Grasso was one of the first riders to gain exposure through free riding the streets around where he lived in Redondo Beach, California. With the Wizard Publications office a town away in Torrance, the photographers from both Freestylin’ and BMX Action gravitated towards Grasso’s inventive riding, style of dress and antics. Many of his original moves were captured in the magazines before he abruptly disappeared from the BMX scene. ‘Finding Grasso’ is an attempt to look back at his influence on BMX, including the holiest of wallrides in Hermosa Beach.
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I am proud to present this edit of Toon as one of the results of the training he has gone under my daily online coaching program for the past 2 years.

Our main focus has been in consistency training which has lifted his overall bike control skills to a very high level. Which has resulted the ability to learn new tricks faster and combine the tricks together seamlessly like you see in this video.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do and feel free to leave a comment below to let me know what do you think about Toons riding!

Thank you very much for watching!


The rock - its "Don´t stop don´t stop"
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