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We spent 5 weeks on the US roads between Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, Phoenix and San Diego.
Endless good times and riding session with various homies, what BMX is all about! Enjoy this one!
Music by Sexx, Jungle and Cage the Elephant.
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Flat BMX Jam at the Beach at Sunset.
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There are days ... you know what we are talking about, right? Sometimes you try so hard to pull a trick or a combo and it's just one of those days that kinda suck. We've spent 2 afternoons filming with Sebastian Grubinger aka Wastl and he literally tried one combo several hundred times. No way. Not working. However, you gotta try hard anyway and keep smiling like Wastl does! We may not have that one combo on tape but still managed to capture a couple of technical combos and a little comment. Big thanks to Wastl's homie DJ Buzz who kindly provided a cool track for the video. Enjoy!

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bmx clip - music: paigey cakey
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New tire break in session rocking a shirt from 2005.
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DP | Cinematography | Editing | Color - Dmitri Shushuyev

Athlete - Bert Ribul

Life. Life is unpredictable. At times it opens doors for you and at other times it grinds you to a pulp, but every cloud has a silver lining... maybe that is what makes it worth living.

Bert Ribul was once a young kid like anybody else, until that day when he was struck by a sight he will never forget and that which forever altered his life. A few years back it seemed like he wouldn't be able to pursue that what he has once found as a kid...

This was a completely self-funded project with no support of any companies. I did want to try an idea that was going around in my head for a very very long time and being absent from the scene and filming in general for 3.5-4 years I had no expectations going in. I didn't know whether Bert has changed his number or not, but I gave it a shot and wrote to him. That very same late evening got a reply and the rest is history as they say. Won't bore you with the details and will just let you enjoy.

Thank you to the artists as well for allowing us to use their outstanding songs for this project and thank you to the security guard that let us shoot at that particular parking lot without any confrontations, despite the fact his superiors were telling him to throw us out.

Songs (in order of appearance)

"my friend is Ivan Efremov"
Performed by Murkok
Fern Leaf 2016

Original performed by The 1975
Remix by Bear//Face
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