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Kept this retrospective mostly flatland not much street.
Started flatland 8 years ago when I was 36. Took the pegs off at 3 years because of a skateboarding injury and couldn't stand on a peg. But I could stand on the pedals and wanted to continue to ride. 44 years old and 5 years riding pegless. You can teach an old dog new tricks apparently. Thanks to Bill Freeman for direction and Chad Johnston for the pegless motivation and having the best stuff available to ride. Thanks to my kids Chloe and Gage for filming!
posted: 2 years ago

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Приглашаем тебя на BMX FlatFights Contest!

15 октября в Спорткомплексе МПГУ пройдут соревнования по BMX в дисциплине Flatland. Сумасшедшие вращения и зрелищные трюки. Лучшие райдеры нашей страны сойдутся в финальной схватке этого года.
Невероятная соревновательная атмосфера, классная музыка и заряд положительных эмоций ждут тебя!

Всё это #FlatFights!

posted: 2 years ago

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Williams Perez BmxFlat Perú
Producer: Javier Ramirez
FlyCam: Susu Nasser
Music: Decap
Rider: Williams Pérez
Lima - Perú
© 2016
All Rights Reserved
posted: 2 years ago

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This video part took me close to four years to complete. It was filmed from late 2012-2016. Some of my best tricks at the time are included. The reason it took so long to complete was because I ended up going back to school to get my Master's Degree and my filmer lived about two hours away. Then once I finished school, I was constantly looking for work and my buddy was very involved with his own hobbies and life. I went through four different frames, three different brake set ups, countless tires, and enough mental turmoil to last me the rest of my life.

Music: Black Sabbath-Electric Funeral
Locations: Middlesex, NJ, Piscataway, NJ, Dunellen, NJ, and Red Lion, PA
Filmed by: Dave Aragona
Additional filming: Sunny Singh and Nick Polnasek
Thanks: Rachel K, Dave Aragona, Rodney Morweiser, KJ, Erin Fricke, Sunny Singh, Nick Polnasek, Chris Stauffer, Lincoln Harberger, Brian Tunney, Diggy Smalls, Brett Gill, Chad Catalano, and anyone else I could possibly be missing.
posted: 2 years ago

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A few flatland bmx combos recorded in September 2016 at two of my favorite spots in Czechia.

Rider: Vojtech Drda

Bike: custom setup based on 2013 St. Martin Foot Jam Frame

Spot locations: and

Music: La Phaze - Volvotraxx
posted: 2 years ago

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“Landscapes” is a new full length video showcasing some of the best flatlanders from around the world. Featuring Simon O’Brien, Alex Worden, Yorihisa Shiota, Seppl Pospischil, Viki Gómez, Iwata Tang-meng Hiroki, Masashi Itani, George Manos, Sebastian Grubinger, Noyer Thomas, Brandon Fenton, Paul Chamberlain, Scott Powell and many more !

Link to buy Landscapes $4.99 –
posted: 2 years ago