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Pós Natal 2016, fomos na Hípica de Limeira, S.P.
Um parque com muita areá verde, diversão para todas as
idades, e conta também com um local de muito espaço
para andar de Bicicleta, Patins, skate entre outros...
Lisias, Paula, Paolla, Nicolas, Mathias,
Jacque, Carol, Gabi, Eduardo, Gleice, Gabizinha.






Videografista: Lísias Tabarelli ou "LISIASCOMUM"
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Considering that i could barely Hang 5 & Decade two years ago, pretty happy with my progression so far, so it was time to start documenting ...

BIKES: ’15 Deco TA / ’15 HB Strowler / ’16 S&M Intrikat / ’16 Haro Flat Master
LOCATIONS: Downtown Tampa, Oldsmar, Orlando & Pittsburgh
SONG: Genuwine “When Doves Cry”
Filmed by Jay Marley, Danny Gomes, Tyler Gilliard & Kip Williamson
Edited by Adam Guild (THANK YOU!)

Dedicated in Loving Memory of my mother Bungsong “Nook” Marley (11.22.40 - 06.19.16)
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2016 has been the best year for me, I won 5 events as well as year end title for the AFA. It has been a year filled with Turbines, backyard variels and Crosswalks. I started this year with Scuffgate a Challenge to do my combos with minimal or no scuffing at all. I put a lot of work in to what I call my no kick rollback turn down to underside / ice cream. this trick is one I started 7 years ago with a kick in, now it is scuffless and I have achieved my goals of many no kick combos as well as a few minimal kick combos. The Last line I took my rollback turndown to the other side of the bike using my pedal step walk around. This challenge was the hardest thing I personally I have ever done and the best part is, I have been trying for weeks to end this video with this combo and it happened :-) on the last day of 2016 finishing off what truly has been my best year ever. I am so grateful for all my sponsors and friends that support my craziness thru out the year. I hope you like this.
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Everyone says they like to have fun. Andrew Wickham makes fun at every turn. In an act of complete irreverence, this top-notch rider entered every class as a protest against sandbagging. The AFA compensated all of the riders in the classes he hijacked and acknowledges that freestyle exists at all levels of life.

Please enjoy what may very well be the most disruptive, jarring moment of the entire inaugural year of The New AFA.

...and yes, Andrew Wickham crushed Novice Class with this Dog Decade. Total #NBD - please do not try at home.
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2016 insta vids with Chad D

Packed year for 2016 for sure. Lots of traveling. Only good times…and I sucked it up and focused on some throwback. Was not ready for it but it hit me and I am not sure why I was so opposed to throwing up or puking up my past. Feel I have contributed more than a bit to the sport, had a blast doing it, and still on fire with drive for the future.

Thanks to all who I rode with…to many to name. My support of my wife and family. My kids. My shop Mr. B’s and DecoBMX have opened my eyes 7 years deep up in them guts. My sponsors…few I do not have like Torque who did help with the year, and my main sponsors: DecoBMX, Profile Racing, Vans shoes, and PowerBar. Also shout out to Baco Designs and Mr. Bikes N Boards.

Really hard to list all sponsors since the videos are from early 90’s till present. Main ones are Kip Williamson, Brian Stump, Deener, Matt Coplon, Konstantine, and a whole hell of a lot o hours with Tripod and iPhone self filming.

Keep in mind these are only my instaVids for 2016 and check out the rest of my life on instagram @chaddegroot and my Facebook but also my TEAM PAGE


Thanks for a kick ass year and many more to come.
Email me

Chad D
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Some clips from 2016 Part #2
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Last 12 months of riding and fiming!

Στο βιντεο το οποιο περιλαμβανει πλανα ολης της χρονιας θελω να δειξω καποιες απο τις δρατηριοτητες που κανω για να αντιμετωπισω την ρουτινα,την θλιψη τον φοβο και την αρνητικη ενεργεια που μας περιβαλλει.Μετα απο 19 χρονια στο χωρο του Bmx flatland μπορω να αυτοσχεδιαζω δικα μου τρικς και αυτο με κραταει σε εγρηγορση και εμπνευση να συνεχισω,ειναι ουσιαστικα ασκησεις μυαλου και σωματος καθως απαιτει ταχυτητα,γρηγορη εκτελεση,πειθαρχια και πολυ αγαπη για να το συνεχισεις.Φετος ηταν η πιο παραγωγικη μου χρονια απο αποψη τρικς και αποφασισα να κανω αυτο το βιντεο ενω περναγα χρονο με φιλους η μονος για να μοιραστω λιγh θετικη ενεργεια μαζι σας.Nα εχετε μια ομορφη χρονια με υγεια και αγαπη.
Bmx riders,
this is my new video for 2016 I spend more than 1000 hours of riding and more than 400 hours of filming this year while working full time and exploring new things to keep me motivated.
I want to wish you a happy new year with lot of love,health and hapiness.
Ride on and dont forget bmx is about having fun and be yourself.

Special thanks to
My family
Alex Αlexandridis for being there always
Manos Daskalakis For the inspiration
George Kikos for motivation
Steve aka bam for editing
Antonis Beveratos from Inkaholic Tattoo
Nikos Mpardas,Agellos ignatiou,Romain dodelier for the Great times and for having fun always
All my friends From Kefalonia island(yorgos,alex,g)
Athens(Γιωργος-Βασιλης-Λακης),Lyon riders,Uk friends from Pacifae hotel,Παρκο(south doggs)..
Flatlanders worlwide,Master of creativity for the inspiration,Flatmatters online,Global-flat for helping flatland grow,all the yogis and ALL flatanders in Greece Jimmy Bak Respect Bro
Keeping it Real with lot of love!
Video is Dedicated in memory of my Father for showing me that with hard work you can do everything you want.

Song tareq remix θα σπασω κουπες:

Original song "θα σπασω κουπες":
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