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FLATARK 10-30-2016 First Round Battle Jean William Prevost VS Akira Okamura
posted: 7 years ago

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FLATARK 10-30-2016 First Round Battle Hiroya Morisaki VS Benjamin Hudson
posted: 7 years ago

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All credit goes to for the amazing live stream of the evening.

If there are any issues with the recording please contact us
posted: 7 years ago

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Watch as Peter Spins on his Cyr Wheel and BMX in some of the most beautiful locations in Prague, Czech Republic.

Watch the behind the scenes here:
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Huge thanks to our athlete Peter Sore!
​He is a professional Cyr Wheel Artist and World Champion BMX Rider, more than 10 years of touring around the world demonstrating his awesome skills on various stages, giving workshops and sharing his passion.

You can find h​im on ​Facebook​:
​On instagram:

Film by Tyson Henderson using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, with the Glidecam Devin Graham Series for the stabilizing shots.

Edited by Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Music by Bytheway-May: Azure
Get the music here:

​The video was planned & coordinated by Adrienn Banhegyi (World and European Champion Jump Roper) with the purpose of helping artists' promotion.

You can check out her websites:

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Freestyle Spinning Through Prague - Cyr Wheel and BMX
posted: 7 years ago

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FLAT ARK 2015 Recap
posted: 7 years ago

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My name is Matti Hemmings a Professional Flatland BMX rider and a Guinness world Record holder and not forgetting a mentor for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust my talent has received fast growing recognition within both the BMX and entertainment industrie. I have been competing at national and international events showcasing my skills all over Europe by doing BMX performances at all kinds of events.

I am well known for organising events such as UK Flatland BMX Championships the biggest contest within UK. Along with organising BMX competitions and action sports Shows, I have appeared on many TV shows including having a programme on Nickelodeon Called Get Your Skills On.

I specialise in the events and have also provide other artists that have the ability to deliver top quality entertainment and tuition. I offer services to all and have worked with many clients throughout the UK and internationally including PR companies, events management, digital marketers, corporate companies, charities, the general public, schools and youth centers.

Along with this have experience in athlete management, having a lot of practice from managing my own career for many years working with a closs group of professional athletes from all sports to create high level entertainment.

My aim is to help brands and events, no matter how big or small, to grow into their market in a natural and progressive way with creative ingenuity and original ideas with many years of experience, skills and industry contacts to create seamless projects and entertainment with definitive goals and results in sight before I even begin.

Twitter & Instagram @mattihemmings

For Enquires email:
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Osaka Nagai local
Rider:Tacchii,Takuji Izumi,Pop
posted: 7 years ago