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Flatland practice. Ciudad de las artes y las ciencias.
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Life as a BMX rider in India is harsh. Riders are constantly harassed by the police and the public as they struggle to find places to ride around town. BMX flatland rider Annul talks about his struggle from being a pizza delivery boy to fully embracing the lifestyle as a BMX rider, as he tries to bring the sport up from the underground in India.

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Paul and Chris hitting up a session at Hove tennis courts Brighton.
Paul did some tricks and Chris...well he put on a show!
However, fun was had by all and rolling combos were pulled.
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I'm new in the Flatland. I'm from Quebec City, QC, and I'm 15 years old. There are my clips from this June.

Song: Bullseye (KDrew)

Thanks for Watching!
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Новое обучающее видео от блога В этом видео я хочу рассказать как делать один из самых универсальных трюков - стимроллер. Извиняемся за "звук" и "шум" на фоне наших юных голосов:)
приятного просмотра и множества километров стимроллера!;)

При поддержке паблика World Of Bmx
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Re-uploaded from our old channel.

"It's like breakdancing on a bike," is a sentence that pretty much sums up Flatland BMX in a way that even the old folks can understand.

Matti Hemmings is one of the UK's leading BMX Flatlanders. And the young welsh man's skills have attracted the attention of a number of sponsors.

The daddy of extreme sports clothing in the UK, Animal; urban streetwear dons, dephect; and action sports camera company, Drift, are just some of the firms that have recognised his talent and him their given support.

In the short period that he's turned professional Matti has tirelessly promoted Flatland BMX via workshops and UK wide tours. In fact he single-handedly set up the UK Flatland BMX Championships in 2011, and in 2012 performed in the historic 70 day, 8000 mile London Olympic Torch Relay.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Matti back in 2012 during one of his whistle stop tours of London.

It may have been very cold, stupidly early in the morning and our choice of venue may not have had the hard surface that flatland is usually performed on, but being the passionate advocate for flatland he is, Matti pulled out all the stops.

To keep up to date with all things Matti and for more info on Flatland BMX visit -

Special thanks to Deborah Shear and crew and Eugene Minogue for their assistance; and also 'the one to watch', rapper and producer Micall Parknsun for the soundtrack 'Dirtz' which is available from -
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