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We continue our #FLATHIGH2013 series with Viki who had an incredibly busy year! Countless trips all over the world, new tricks, new bike, new videos, even more trips, Nora Cup Flatlander of the Year .... and now we asked him what his personal highlight was:

"For me the highlight of the year has been the trip to South Africa. After winning the Nora Cup for the first time I thought the year wasnt going to bring me anything more exiting, but I was completely wrong!
Going to South Africa has change my way of thinking as a person. It's such a nice country where all races have learnt to live and grow together in harmony. The mix of cultures is what makes a country rich! And this is the experience that I have witnessed. People love BMX in South Africa! They really appreciate it and understand the roots of it, the streets!
Traveling with Matthias this year has been so amazing! We have become a super good team and this last trip was a reward for our success and effort in 2013! We have something in common and it's that we want to ride all the time. For me this is incredible cause we are pushing each other big time. I have learnt a new trick that will be shown soon at the sevisual edit filmed recently in Japan during the G Shock Real Toughness contest. I call it the "Durban Lion" cause I learnt it in Durban football stadium during a photo/video session where I was wearing a t shirt with a huge Lion head on it. It is a great memory that I take with me out of the uncountable memories list from what has been the best trip of my life!
Check the videos and experience by your self! Enjoy it!"

Red Bull covered almost every minute of the South Africa tour on their website. Besides that there were a ton of Viki videos this year and we tried to select some of the highlights. Please leave a comment if we missed something.

- Matthias Dandois & Viki Gomez in Hong Kong 2013
Just Viki - Voodoo Jam 
Viki Gomez Freestyle - Full Movie by Wildschnitt 
- Viki Gomez In Flight - Behind the Scenes
FLAT ARK Viki Gomez vs Matthias Dandois 
TV Show - Viki Gómez, campeón del mundo de BMX Flatland 
BMX: Nora Cup 2013 - Viki Gomez Wins Flatlander Of The Year 

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