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Lee, what was your highlight 2013?

"For me no one thing this year stands out as an individual highlight. I think it's been a combination of striving very hard everyday, trying to put all the original moves i'v invented over the years together in new ways. Then finally managing to capturing some of those concepts on tape the way I wanted, then putitng them out as individual edits.

I'm the sort of rider who is content with my own sense of accomplishment, I don't seek verification for what I do from other riders and am completely content doing my own thing alone. I'm also very critical and defiantly don't want any of my new stuff seen unless I have it exactly how I want it.

Because of this I tend not to film very much, so the edits I'v recently put out really are just for me to look back on, hopefully they portray a unique and original style i'v worked on for many years.

I'm really proud of how they turned out, the feed back has been amazing and i'm humbled by that.

One particular honour is that "The Spider Glide" edit was the first ever flatland video to premiered by the TCU.

I just want to thank Callum Earnshaw for the filming & editing. Jim McKay for putting my edit forward on TCU and anyone else who shared it.

Over all though I think a big highlight is that I'v been riding for nearly 20 years now and I am as motivated as ever."

Some off Lee's 2013 clips and videos:
- @lee_musselwhite on Instagram - 20 Dec 2013
- Lee Musselwhite - The Pheonix
- Lee Musselwhite - The SpiderGlide
- Lee Musselwhite - Original Tricks 2013

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