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Yevgeny Savvateev from the Ukraine sent us his bikecheck and some great photos which you find here. We also posted his latest video a few days ago.

Odyssey Flatware Waltz Frame V2
Fork: Odyssey Flatware ZERO OFFSET FORK
Stem: Odyssey ELEMENTARY V3 Black
Handlebar: S&M Intrikat Handlebar 9" Chrome
Grips: Odyssey Flatware Thumb Tack Grips Black
Barends: Armour Bikes barshields (made in UA)
Headset: Integrated Headset Chrome
Cranks: Odyssey Flatware Thunderbolt Cranks 160mm
Sprocket: Odyssey Flatware Sprocket 20T
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals white
Chain: Shadow Interlock V2 Half Link Chain
Seatpost: Odyssey CONVERTIBLE POST Black
Seatpost Clamp: Odyssey Mr. Clampy2
Seat: KHE Watanabe CrMoly Seat Black
Pegs: Armour Bikes Bombards (made in UA)
Spokes: Odyssey Black 186mm
R Hub: KHE Greyhound Freecoaster Hub Flat
Rims: G-Sport Rollcage Rim, 36 Hole Black
Tires: Odyssey FREQUENCY G TIRE 20x1.75

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