Global-Flat News - Voodoo Jam 2013: Tsutomu Kitayama wins! Watch the whole event.

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The Japanese dominated the pro class of the Voodoo Jam! Check the results below. The top 3 are from Japan. In the final battle Tsutomu Kitayama competed against Hiro Morizaki. Congratulations Tsutomu! Many of you may have watch the live stream but for those who couldn't watch we posted the recording above. It's preeeettyyy looooong. The final battle starts around 12:01:00. 

1st Tsutomu Kitayama
2nd Hiroya Morisaki
3rd Yohei Uchino
4th Alex Jumelin
5th Matthias Dandois
6th Moto Sasaki
7th Matt Wilhelm
8th Dominik Nekolny
9th Viki Gomez
10th Higa 
11th Jean-Francois Boulianne
12th Terry Adams
13th Jean-William Dub Prevost
14th William Perez

Steve Jordan won the AM class. At the moment we only know the top 3 and will update that later.

1st Steve Jordan
2nd Todd Carter
3rd Patrick Ras

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