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Exciting news from Viki just now - the first of a 3 part series showing some of the nicest spots around Madrid, Spain. This one includes epic links from Viki as well as some tasty street lines from Secko. It would appear that both riders are using the same exact Orbea RUDE frame. Obea also released this video showing how to set up the bike for flatland riding, also featuring Viki. I think that's a terrific step towards getting more of the BMX community involved in flatland. 

Orbea explains:

"This is the first part of ""The Streets, My Kingdom"", a movie that we shot in Madrid in Spring 2013. Join Viki Gomez and Secko riding their new Orbea RUDEs around some of the hottest spots of Spain's capital.

Este es la primera parte del cortometraje ""The Streets, My Kingdom"" que grabamos en Madrid en la primavera de 2013. Acompaña a Viki Gomez y Secko mientras recorren algunos de los spots más míticos de la capital de España sobre sus nuevas Orbea RUDE. 
+ Info:

The following is copied from the Orbea page, and I found it interesting enough to post it all here. What are your views about Viki's idea of more universal, less specialized BMX components?

"In the summer of 1991, Viki Gomez jumped on his old Orbea Campeón for the first time. It was sixteen kilos of bullet-proof steel. Things were easy back then: one bike, a backyard, and an entire world of possibilities.

Skinned elbows and knees were a daily occurrence, but the tricks would come - the easy ones first and the legendary ones years later. Along with his progression, there has been development of new materials, the specialization of the sport, and the growth of competition. Viki picked Flatland, and down this alley he would reach the glory of the World Championship.

In 2012 Viki contemplated the heterogeneous community of BMX with all its disciplines and specialized bicycles: Street, Park, Vert, Flat, Dirt, etc. One unanswered question disturbed him. Would it be possible to build a bike to excel in several BMX disciplines?

Viki approached Orbea with a novel and unique proposal - a versatile BMX bike that would allow riders to enjoy the magic and balance of Flatland, the adrenaline of Street, and the technique of Park. Could we build it? Challenge accepted.

Our engineers teamed up with Street, Park and Flat riders, and they shaped the first prototypes. The riders thrashed their way through a dozen early versions. Fourteen months later, our efforts produced reward. Orbea's “enfant terrible” is finally ready to run free on the streets. Please welcome the new Orbea RUDE."

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