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Got some pics and some words from Chicken’s visit on the weekend. Pics could use a bit of a tweak on photoshop but I reckon they’re alright as they are…


1508 is the spot that I ride. It’s awesome. Tiles. Shaded. Lights at night that I can turn on and off. Power for music. Breakdancers use the staged area from 16:30 to 19:45 everyday which provides added inspiration and wards off the tiredness after a days riding. Sometimes I do the longest sessions here. I love riding here so much.


1510 is Chicken doing a steamroller on my bike. He came from the city with his family on scooters. It’s a few hours drive on pretty dangerous roads. That’s Vietnam though. They were in Vung Tau before I’d woken up. People rise real early here. 4am is normal.


1512 is Chicken and Lau. Lau is 16 and he lives here in Vung Tau and rides a bit of street and flat. He can’t ride right now because his bike is broken. I think he’s considering quitting because his bike sucks so much. He’s also of that age where he’s going out and drinking – he has a gnarly collection of prison tattoos that he’s done himself including a lightning bolt, an ex-girlfriends name and his birth date plus a really shit birthday cake that looks well. . .like a shit to be honest. . . There used to be lots of riders here and he’s the last one left. Most turned to b-boys because it makes more sense really. You don’t need any specialised equipment and you get what must be the same feeling.


1513 is Chicken going for a decade off of the tire. Kids got talent. He can 100% commit to trying to land it everytime. He’ll have it in no time.


1514 is Chicken with some parts donated to the Wild Bike Projects. Thanks Fritz for the Volume bars. Karl for the GT grips. Ali for the GT forks and thanks myself for the 3 year old Camacura barends. He was stoked. He has been unable to ride because of his bent forks for a week or so and now he can get back on and do it. Speak of the devil! He just sent me a text message that says: “ok thank you about fork and bar. . .now I got a good bike kakalka”. Don’t know what kakalka means but it might be secret code for thanks Karl, Ali and Fritz! Seriously. Thanks heaps you guys – you’ve changed somebody’s life.

More parts from Andrew, Karl, Kit and Sean (I think that’s where they all came from – sorry if you’re not named!!!) to go to other people soon. I have to get down to the city though and teach them how to look after and maintain 3pc cranks etc. There’s a show about extreme sports culture this weekend that has some flatland demos. Shame I can’t make it. The guys are having a hard time finding good spots and this may help. They keep getting arrested by hard ass socialist police. Chicken said if he gets arrested one more time the police will take his bike away and not return it – it’s probably bullshit but they can literally do what they like here… They have to ride some rough spots now. . . I’ll keep everybody posted on what happens this weekend and in the future.

Again – thanks everybody for the parts! You guys are great!!! Things are brewing here. I’m going to support these guys 100% and help this scene in every way that I can now and even when I eventually leave Vietnam. Very inspiring young riders to be around.

I’m so stoked!

More info about the Vietnam Bike Project soon!

Take care. Enjoy life. Ride hard. Appreciate all that you have.

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