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Intro: Effraim.
Photos: Trevor Oleniuk.

As you may or not have noticed I have been stepping up the amount of exclusive content on Flatmatters over the winter months, particularly the interviews which I think have been quite in-depth. On the flip side of that, sometimes I am aware they can be heavy reading and thats not everyones cuppa tea so to speak. So with that train of thought, I was thinking let’s bring back the top 5′s feature, and who better to kick this off with than S&M’s Peter Olsen. Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks!

Riders of all time:

1-Ross Smith

2-Simon O’Brien

3- Martti Kuoppa

4-Garrett Reeves

5- Ruben Alcantara

Riders to ride with:

1-Trevor Oleniuk

2-Brandon Derbowka

3-Cory Stratychuck

4-Kevin Desautels

5-Cory Fester

Web edits:

1-Rich Forne DIG


3-Akira Okamura – Magic Fruits

4-Garrett Reeves / LOTEK

5-Dylan Reider – Gravis

Places to visit:

1-New Zealand


3-Southern Portugal


5-British Columbia, CAN







Inspirations right now:

1-More daylight hours

2-The sun’s warmth

3-My wife

4-My cat

5-My bike

Reasons to leave your town/city:

1-Long and dark winters

2-I’ve been here forever

3-I need a change of scenery

4-There is a world beyond this city

5-Opportunities elsewhere

Current Albums:

1-Shlohmo – Laid Out EP

2-Blue Hawaii – Blooming Summer

3-Flying Lotus – Until the Quiet Comes

4-Spectrals – Extended Play

5-King Tubby – Dub From the Roots

Tricks to do daily:

1-Whiplashes (any kind)


3-360 pivot tricks

4-pivot whiplashes

5-Backwards tricks

Tricks you can’t do, but wish you could (ideal wishlist):

1-Cross footed whiplashes in front of the bars

2-Backward facing rolling walkovers

3-F-truck around the worlds

4-Big Wallrides

5-360 Bunnyhop Whips

Bike Brands:




4-Terrible One


Non bike brands:

PALACE skateboards



POLAR skate co


Things that piss you off:


2-Closed-minded folks




Flatland DVDS:


2-RUM 97-05

3-Made you Look



Non Riding Movies:


2-Shawshank Redemption

3-Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4-Moonrise Kingdom

5-Bottle Rocket


1-Ipod Nano

2-Panasonic DVX100b

3-My wicked old computer

4-My old Samsung phone

5-I don’t really like gadgets

Favourite no seat touch combos:

1-Xfooted whiplash 360 pivot to xfooted whip out

2-Xarm switchfoot whiplash to backward hang5 to x arm whip out

3-Xarm whiplash walkaround

4-Turbine Frontyard variations

5-Switch footed firehydrant 360 pivot behind the back to switch foot out

Flatland dislikes:



3-Excess scuffing or pumping

4-Intentionally dropping the back wheel down to the ground in the middle of front wheel combos

5-Changing carve directions in a combo (ie. going clockwise then switching it up and going counter wise in the same link)

*#4 & #5 are generally speaking, but there are exceptions as some dudes that can make both of those look sick

Flatland loves:


2-Fresh Air

3-Good friendships


5-Finding out something is possible

Who’s next for a Top 5′s?

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