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The third episode of the Too Small Bikes series is almost finished. The crew around director Julius Salo invites everyone who is interested to the premiere and party on March 8 at the Andorra Lounge and Cinema in Helsinki, Finland. Here are links to episode 1 and episode 2.

Featured riders: Alberto Moya, Pedro Melo, Asko Relas, Julius Salo, Jussi Laukkanen, Érico Melo, Diego Tejada, Aapo Airas, Mikko Salonen, Aleksi Ritsilä, Anders Milberg, Jorma Sonninen, Matti Heliö, Sietse Van Berkel, George Manos, Jose Ramirez, Konstantin Chernov, Alejandro Encinas, Lísias Tabarelli, Esteban Palencia, Dave Nourie, Bruno Zebu, Matthias Dandois, Alex Jumelin, Chutchalerm Chaiwirotwit, Pakphum Poosa Art, Guelo Monzón, Jenza Kamai, William Perez, Gonzalo Bellanti, David Hoffman, Romulo Guerra, Tony Koskiluoma-Vaarno, Martti Kuoppa, Patrick Alaspää, Saku Kaarnanen, Bert Ribul, Dez Maarzen, Francisco Pekeno, Misael Santos Mizo, Per Milberg, Kevin Peraza, Josh Harrington, Jesse Puente, Raphael Chiquet

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