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Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Sent in by Todd.

Plenty of Voodoo jam hype already today, with Dom’s amazing combo and the ESPN Interview with Scott and Terry. But let’s not forget the ams. So without further a due, meet our 3rd interviewee. Todd Carter originally from Ohio, now lives in California. He has been competing since the AFA days, enjoy this one!

Anyone else miss the ‘zine days. Copy and paste feel. Todd, x hand xft hang five. Broken Spokes ‘zine cover.

So you’ve been out injured a while Todd. Tell us all what happened? How long were you out for?
I broke my hand a couple of weeks before JomoPro. It was really lame how it happened! I was simply riding out of a trick with my front wheel in the air. I reached for my grip and just partially missed. As the front wheel was landing, I was still trying to grab the grip properly. The wheel eventually landed with my fingers straddling the grip. The impact broke my hand, but fortunately there was only one fracture. I was off my bike for 6-weeks and I just started riding again this week! The hand is feeling pretty good, but It feels so great to be back!

The year started out well, 2nd place in Toronto, you must have been psyched with that?
I was super stoked with 2nd place! I was kind of shocked honestly. It was really an honor to ride alongside so many great riders in that class. Riding in the finals that night is one of the highlights in my 26-year riding career.

The weather is Cali must help your contest preparations, any kind of contest preparations you are going through right now?
The California sunshine is pretty consistent, so that does help with keeping a set practice schedule. I am approaching preparation for the Voodoo Jam just like I have many of the AMFLT events in recent years. I try to identify the main combos that I want to do, and I start the “three-times-in-a-row” strategy. It’s not for everyone, but has worked for me. A couple of weeks before an event, I try to increase the amount from three, to five-times-in-a-row. I’m not always able to do that, but it is a good challenge. In my preparation for Voodoo, I feel really behind right now because of my hand. There’s no doubt I have a ton of ground to cover between now and June 9th.

How important are contests in keeping yourself motivated?
I have been riding in contests since I was 13-years old, and I love them. Growing up during the AFA contest days, I used to plan life events around contests. I actually chose to go to a contest, rather than my high school senior prom. For me, contests have always been about fun, challenge, defeat, and of course reward. Again for me, the rewards go deeper than a trophy or podium placing. The relationships and memories created from contests are some of the most treasured that I have.

I am presuming you must be flying to New Orleans, LA to Voodoo is surely too long of a drive?
Yes, flying out…trying to maximize the time I have, to be able to get there, get settled, and acclimated.

Have you been to the Voodoo jam before? If so, how many times have you been?
I have never been before, so I am even more psyched for this! In fact I have never even been to Louisiana before!

Forward death truck, Zuma beach. Cali lifestyle.

Who are you looking to as the main competition for you?
This is a tough one because there are so many great riders in the AM class. Honestly, I look at the list of registered riders and of the names I recognize, nearly every one of them could be standing on the podium. I think that’s part of what makes contests so fun though…well fun, and crazy simultaneously.

Are you planning to drop any new tricks at Voodoo?
I have two combos that I have yet to do in any contest because I just can’t pull them consistently enough.
I feel so far behind right now, I probably will not be putting in much time on either of them before Voodoo.
But if I miraculously start hitting one or both, I would love to be able to use them.

Who are you really psyched to see ride in general in New Orleans?
I think I am most excited about just being that environment and seeing some of the best riders in the world, just go for it during their runs. I am also stoked for the pre jam on Friday, that I have seen and heard so much from over the years.

Are you ready for Scott O’Brien getting crazy on the mic?
Ha, of course! I have only seen Scott reacting on video so far, so yes, I will be psyched and ready for it! I want to see cartwheels!

Any closing comments on the Voodoo jam?
I am just so excited and blessed to still be able to ride my bike, and meet so many cool people.
I feel like flatland is just a part of who I am, and I am so grateful for the sport and how it continues to move forward.
I think events like the Voodoo jam are shots in the arm for the health of flatland and I am grateful to just be able to see it firsthand. I want to say thank you to Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams for your work on this event, and to let you know it will make a huge difference for riders! And of course I want to thank you Effraim for this interview. It’s super humbling for me, and I also thank you for all you do for flatland everyday!

Thank you for your time Todd! Good luck at Voodoo!

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