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Intro/Interview: Effraim
Photos: Provided by Scott O’Brien & Terry Adams

It seems only fitting to round up the pre hype to the Voodoo jam which begins tomorrow (with a jam) with the two main organisers, Scott O’Brien and Terry Adams. The energy and hard work these two riders put into the Voodoo jam has to be experienced. I am lucky enough to say I have been twice, and both times really enjoyed the New Orleans vibe, without further a due lets get cracking….

Did you both share jobs out equally this year, or working as a collective on the event?
Terry:- This year was a collaboration of both us working together on different things. The important thing for us bringing back Voodoo Jam this year is that Scott & I was both motivated enough to give the green light to this thing. We have done this event so many times that we have a team of companies, friends, and riders that help with certain things as well. We are more than stoked to have Voodoo Jam back in the mix this year because we know that the riders are very hungry for a dope event.
Scott:Little bit of both. We have sections of running a contest that we each take care of but we always communicate to each other as to what is going down. I would say its pretty split leading up to the event. But the day of the event actually running it is up to me. Terry does an excellent job getting sponsors and dealing with that end of things. We always discuss every aspect of the contest down to the small details. Everything is important to us and we give it a full effort.

Why in your opinion is the Voodoo jam so important for flatland?
Terry: The Voodoo Jam was created for the riders. We wanted to give an event that not only treated the riders the way they deserved but also put flatland in the spotlight as well. We are very passionate about flatland and the riders & spectators can see this from the moment they walk into our venue. Our goal is show the world that flatland is dope. We always succeed in doing this.
Scott: It’s very important in a lot of ways. The venue set up is great and our fans are awesome. Quality of the event is tops.
But most of all its so important because real Flatlanders put this contest on, real Flatlanders pour their hearts into every detail and real Flatlanders enjoy the passion that comes from this contest.
This contest is more then just competing its a celebration of Flatland. At the end of the day when the contest is over Flatland is pushed to another level after Voodoo Jam is over and that’s why its important.

Seems lot a real good buzz going into the contest this year, you must be hyped on that?
Terry: Yes! We are stoked because taking 2 years off was basically left the whole flatland community wanting it back So the riders & specters are more hungry than ever to watch this thing go down. Also Scott has not been on the Voodoo Jam floor in a while so you can bet things are really going to get wild.
Scott:Yeah I am really stoked on it. Glad these riders are coming and the people of New Orleans are ready for them.

Having Voodoo back on the calendar is great for flatland, is it hard for you guys to enjoy it because your so close to it all?
Terry: For me, I am excited to be a rider in the event & to watch what we have created come alive. To watch the smiles on the riders faces & the screaming fans of flatland in that building is just as important as doing good in the contest for me.
Scott: I enjoy it in a different way. At times I feel I would love to just show up and watch. I wonder what that would be like but thats never gonna happen. LOL. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone when it comes to Voodoo Jam. I will take on the difficult parts and face the challenges but I sleep for about a week after its over though. Wish I could ride in it but thats nearly impossible given what it takes to make it happen.

So the countdown is well and truly over, whats going right now in New Orleans? Your house must be pretty crazy already with people staying?
Terry: Right now Scott is making sure the schedule is on point, meeting with DJ, and preparing a ton of things to make sure the riders are taken care of. I have been speaking with all the sponsors to make sure every one is going to have proper branding placement, gathering the prizes, and collecting the money for the pro purse. We have million and 1 things to do at this point, but to say we are ready is an understatement. This event is going to amazing this year for sure!
Scott: Well summer has just arrived and its freaking hot as hell, sorry Guys! My house is in preparation mode but come June 6th all hell is gonna break loose. Its gonna be a little crazy for sure.

Matthias, Scott and Terry waiting on judges decision….

Who are you most psyched to see ride this year?
Terry: I have been riding with JF all week and he is killing it. I am SUPER pumped to watch this guy ride in the contest. He is an animal for sure!
Scott:Really man just everyone I cant wait to see these guys! Nah, that was the politically correct answer, hahaha. Waldemar, he is a killer on his bike! Stoked!

Any final shouts?
Terry: Shout out to all the companies that make this event possible… Red Bull, Dans Comp, Raising Canes, Odyssey, Flatware, Purple Monkey, Freegun Underwear, Monolithic, Diversion TV, Flatland Fuel , 430 clothing, Deco, & Neue. Creative, Flatland ID. I want to thank all the riders that are coming out to support flatland in the USA. I also want to thank Scott O’Brien for being such a great partner & life long friend.
Scott: Have all day? haha… All the companies that supported the comp this year. My family for their support,, love you guys. Thanks to all the riders that stepped up and made sacrifices to come and support Voodoo Jam I hope you enjoy it. Southriders you know who you are. Texas Flatlanders for making Voodoo Jam their own contest. Terry Adams is the man and thanks to him for all he has done!

“Voodoo Jam is not my contest it belongs to Flatland and that makes it yours!”

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