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Here's a great interview with Matthias and Alex from TCU TV to check out! Adam and Catfish talk about a wide range of topics, and it's pretty entertaining! There's also a lot of related clips from videos mixed in, so it's a good watch as well.
Adam's got the timeline laid out pretty well, so we'll share that here:

0:02:00: We talk about how flatland is different in Europe vs America
0:04:20: The guys talk about how much flatland has changed in the past few years
0:06:35: We talk about what happened when ESPN took flatland out of the X Games
0:09:25: Alex talks about why he started doing the Ninja Spin contest series and we talk about the flatland contest scene in Japan
0:13:10: What the flatland scene was like when Alex started riding
0:15:00: We talk about why Alex loves America so much
0:17:00: The guys rant and rave about how great Fise is
0:19:35: Alex explains how he brought Matthias up under his wing
0:25:40: They talk about the death of scuffing and how much the rules have changed
0:29:50: We talk about Matthias’ interest in riding street and how Alex is progressing at it
0:31:20: I ask what kind of person becomes a flatlander and we talk about how crazy flatland judging is
0:35:00: Is it still a big deal to steal tricks in flatland?
0:36:30: How does the flat community stay connected on The Internet?
0:38:08: Where do you see flatland in 5 years?
0:43:32: Matthias talks about how Stevie Churchill is one of his favorite flatlander and we discuss how Stevie would do in a flatland contest
0:45:25: Why does Matthias enter street contests?
0:47:15: Are there really still a million flatland tricks left to learn?
0:50:15: We talk about Alex’s relationship with Booba, one of the biggest rappers in France
0:54:00: Matthias is a judge on a TV show in France similar to America’s Got Talent
0:56:55: Matthias talks about how he got sponsored and put on in the flatland game
0:59:20: Do you consider it your duty to spread flatland around the world?
1:00:00: Who is the greatest flatlander of all time?
1:03:32: How much of an emphasis on style and speed is there in flatland?
1:05:20: Do you get dizzy all the time?
1:10:40: Alex talks about running a flatland school
1:14:26: We talk about how street riders are kind of closed minded about flatland tricks
1:18:59: What’s your daily practice schedule like?

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