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The 5th and final round of this year's C3 Jam series took place in Komatsu, Japan today. Takuya Higa won the open class of the round and Akira Okamura won the 2015 series! Besides the open class there is the Expert, Novice and Girls&Kids class. We found the top 3 results of all classes on the G&B blog (thanks guys!).

1st Takuya Higa
2nd Yoshiki "Hotoke" Uchino
3rd Takahiro Ito

1st Ryo Katagiri
2nd Minato Sato
3rd Yu Katagiri

1st Minato Sato
2nd Yu Katagiri
3rd Eguchi

1st Mizuki Kondo
2nd Rin Isogai
3rd Ryuta Kobayashi

Yearend Ranking Open
1st Akira Okamura
2nd York Uno
3rd Takahiro Ito

Yearend Ranking Expert
1st Eisaku Higashikubo
2nd Minato Sato
3rd Takahisa Mitaki

Yearend Ranking Novice
1st Minato Sato
2nd Ryuta Kobayashi
3rd Jigen Omotehara

Yearend Ranking Girls&Kids
1st Ryuta Kobayashi
2nd Jigen Omotehara
3rd Mizuki Kondo

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