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Stephan released a little video for his sponsor Sport Import a few days ago. We had a little chat with him to ask whats new and actually they just hooked him up with a new WTP Utopia setup. It looks really nice and clean so we asked Stephan for a bike check. More photos of the bike are available here.

Frame: Wtp Utopia 19.5
Handlebar: Wtp switch
Stem: Odyssee Tom dugan 45mm
Cranks: Flatware
Sprocket: Odysseey killington 25t
Chain: Salt halflink
Pedals: Odyssee twisted
Forks: Autum Bikes
Headset: Odyssey
Tires: Ares
Grips: Wilson tennis grips
Seat: Odysseey Aitken
Seatpost: Salt
Rims: Gsport Birdcage 36
Hubs: Odyssey Antigram, Salt Freecoaster
Spokes: Odysseey
Pegs: Sequence and Odyssey

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