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Intro: Effraim.
Text: Rob Alton.

Grassroots BMX flatland contests are great for the flatland scene, Rob Alton has a vision over in Hungary and is making it happen. Read his repo from the recent Veres BMX contest, and maybe you can make something like this happen where you are and help grow the sport.

Not having to worry about the weather at Sport Zone’s indoor venue and almost 30 riders competing, the Veres BMX FLATLAND contest was going to be good! 10 kids from my BMX school took part, all of them only riding just a few months, some of them weeks! 10 Master Class and 8 Pro riders also came from Czech Republic and Croatia and of course the best of the strong Hungarian flatland scene. Three Pro riders had to cancel last minute for various reasons but hopefully next year there will be even more!

The kids were amazing and had a chance to see for themselves live some of the very best flatlanders in Europe. They had a great time as you will see in the video and are now totally motivated thanks to the all the riders who came out.

Master Class and Pro was strong and the level high, many of the riders feeling out the OSB floor for the first time. Master Class had 2.30mins and Pro the same but with a last trick. The atmosphere was great, a real family fun feeling and riders from as young as 8 to 46 really showing that BMX is for all ages and on every level. We worked very hard to make the venue feel great with fresh graffiti on the walls from Mr Zero and an extra 11 lights put up just in time for the contest!

The highlight of the Veres BMX FLATLAND contest was made possible by Colony BMX and Elite BMX Shop. I cannot thank them enough for making my wish a reality and one kids dream come! Szabó Oliver won a well deserved first place and for this received a brand new Colony Apprentice complete bike! Just the emotion and the look on his face made all the hard work worthwhile. No one knew about the bike and the pictures and video say it all!!

All in all a perfect day and only made possible by the hard work from me, my wife Andrea and the 16 sponsors that all gave something big or small. The main sponsors are Colony BMX, Elite BMX shop, Kreativfaajandek, Kőrősi Fatelep and OTP Bank. All the other local and international sponsors all need a shout out CBA, Gombai Cukraszda, Dekor Klinika, Vitamin Well, Scitec Nutrition, Rob bike shop Gödöllö, No Limit Bike shop Veresegyház, Tokmánia, Custom Riders UK, Vocal and Four Pegs. Without your support we could not have done it! A BIG thank you to all the Master Class and Pro riders who came out and gave these kids some serious motivation!

I will make this contest every year and plan to build on it. Hopefully more prize money more riders and I will change the day schedule so we have the kid’s contests and prize giving in the morning. That way Pro and Master have the rest of the day to ride and compete. However in February I plan to do Jam a more laid back event with fun trick contests throughout the day like we did in March this year.


Master Class

Frane Granič
Bordás Ákos
Orosz Csaba
Tér Sebestyén
Varga Tamás
Császár Balázs
Mezei Dávid
Koncsecskó Tamás
Makóth Szabolcs
Bordács Attila

Pro Class:
Kun Ádám
Katona Dénes
Leon Vignjevič
Tivadar László
Nagy Dávid
Adam Pekař
Gelencsér Ádám
Gyenes Pál

School Class:
Szabó Olivér
Kékkő Beni
Szabó Wili
Zsoldos Andor
Kóródi Zalán
Kardos Noel
Gál Viktor
Filip Marcell
Galambos Levi
Mészáros Kori

Mega Spin King
Kun Ádám

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