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Good morning everyone!

As many of you will know, Pete Brandt who happens to be my child hero growing up organised a go fund me page to get me out to the One Love jam in Newport Beach, California this weekend. When I was younger, my parents took me to San Francisco on holiday and I always loved the place and everything about it, so much character in this city. So as you can imagine I am still pinching myself that I am actually here. I can’t thank Pete, his wife Karissa, and everyone who donated to help me get here.
I arrived into San Francisco on Monday, after an 11 hour flight and almost three hours in the customs line I was pretty tired, but also pretty excited to get riding and make the most of this dream trip out here.

Tuesday was my first full day out here in Fremont, California where Pete lives. Pete had to work, so I had a pretty chill day as it was during with rain all day, settling in, building the bike up, had a two hour session in Pete’s garage spot, and filmed a beginner how to for the site which I posted yesterday. As I looked around Pete’s house one of my favourite things is all the bike history he has, from old KGB frames, to old rare parts, trophies, all these things took me back. So good to see all this kind of stuff that you would never see otherwise.

The weather forecast has been great each day so far, but Wednesday started dry so we thought we would risk a trip to the Clocktower. Pete lives about 40 minutes away, and takes the BART into San Francisco for work and also of course to ride the legendary spot.
As we came close to SF, the rain hit and did not stop all day. Pete asked, “hey man what do you want to do?”. I wanted to make the best out of the awful weather and at least do something, so we did the tourist thing yesterday. Pete took me to his work, which is downtown SF just a few blocks from the Clocktower. We then headed out to Lombard Street, the winding street that is famous across the world, on this day there was no traffic normally Pete commented there are so many cars at his spot. I guess the rain kept people away, and made for a cool photo.

It’s been 19 years since I was last in San Francisco, and one of my places on my list was Amoeba Music down by Golden Gate Park is one of the best record shops I have ever seen. I found a couple of rare MF Doom CD’s and I was stoked. If you are ever in SF, it is a must go place on your list. We headed back to Fremont as the rain continued to come down, it was like torture driving past the Clocktower and not being able to get a session. When we got back to Pete’s house, Pete asked “hey lets go make a Flatmattersonline Custom Moto Bicycles pedal”. Pete found a sick clear grip that is durable and lasts, check the photos. So stoked!
Today the weather looks like its clearing, Dylan Worsley and James McGraw are arriving soon, hopefully we get a session before we head down to One Love tomorrow.

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