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The flatland market is a tough one to break into, Jake Umberger got in touch with news of a new flatland company, these guys look they are doing it right! Good luck guys! Read the official press release below.

Reklamation Bikes is here!

Reklamation Bikes is an American made flatland bike company out of Fort Lupton, Colorado. Our focus is on simplicity and functionality; no fluff or gimmicks. Just what works using the best quality materials and craftsmanship.

Reklamation Bikes is owned and operated by Robert Reilly and Jake Umberger (of Colorado Flatland Jams). In late 2012, having worked hard to help bring back the sense of fun, family and community to our sport in their own scene, Jake and Robert decided to apply what they remembered, loved and learned from their years of riding flatland to products.

Thus was born Reklamation Bikes. In every one of our products you will see these same qualities: simplicity, functionality, strength, quality materials, craftsmanship, made in the USA and above all, fun.

The first Reklamation Bikes product is our first frame: The SKJ (pronounced “skidge”) is a no gimmicks, 100% business, flatland frame. No silly pretzel bends, goofy extras or strange geometry nonsense. Just a simple BMX frame, built for flatland, front to back. Everything that works and nothing that doesn’t.

With no removable brake mounts to come loose, the SKJ comes with either permanent brake mounts or none at all. If you do like brakes, our dual cable stops and guides are perfectly placed for optimum brake set up and gyro functionality. No need for zip ties or electrical tape.

No super high or ridiculously low stand over height; just the right height for strength and low enough to stay out of the way. A built in seat clamp with replaceable nut and bolt keeps things simple and functional.

We believe no one should ever have to grind out the drop outs on their frame to fit a 14mm axle. All drop outs fit 14mm axles right out of the box, letting you use inexpensive adapters if you run a 3/8″ axle and never requiring you to bring a grinder anywhere near your frame.

With the use of OX Platinum on the top and down tubes and true 4130 chromoly everywhere else, the SKJ offers the best balance between strength and weight.

The SKJ retails for $399.00 +Shipping. Currently we are only selling direct, but hope to have a US distributor and beyond soon. (If you are interested in becoming a Reklamation Bikes reseller or distributor, contact us at info@reklamationbikes.com) For ordering information, see our website or call us direct at 720.297.0197.

SKJ Specs:
· Head Tube: Integrated. 75%. Removable gyro tabs on frames with brake mounts only.
· Down Tube Diameter: 1.50″.
· Top Tube Diameter: 1.25″. Brake cable guides and dual cable stops on bottom side of top tube only on frames that have brake mounts.
· Bottom Bracket: Mid. 11 5/8″ height.
· Seat Tube: 25.4mm post. 71%. Externally butted. Built in seat clamp with replaceable nut and bolt.
· Seat Stay Diameter: 3/4″.
· Chain Stay Diameter: 3/4″.
· Brake Mounts: Permanent under seat stays or brakeless only.
· Rear End Length: 13.5″ slammed.
· Top Tube Lengths: 19″ and 19.5″.
· Drop Outs: 3/16″ thick. 14mm slot.
· Stand over height: 7.75″.
· Weight: 4lbs 5oz.
· Colors: Translucent Purple over raw or Mean Green with brakes. Light Beer (clear over raw), Guinness (translucent black over raw) or Pale Ale (translucent gold over raw) brakeless.

We of course also have T-shirts for $20 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 and will be adding more products soon! For more information on Reklalmation Bikes, see our website at http://www.reklamationbikes.com or follow us on Facebook or twitter (@reklamationbmx). Feel free to contact us at info@reklamationbikes.com or 720.297.0197.

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