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First of all: happy 45th birthday Mark and we're looking forward to the 55th Birthday Jam video already! ;-) But let's slow down a bit. Here is the 45th Birthday Jam video which Mark just posted on YouTube. There is also a short story:

"This year my birthday fell on a Monday. I already know that I would be working on my birthday. So I decided to throw a birthday jam at my home spot. Everyone liked the spot and we rode till we were all ready for some food and drinks. The highlight of the day was definally when Julio hit his trick that he has been working on for a very long time. This was his first time to ever hit it and it was captured on film. Thanks to everyone that came out to ride and those that wanted to make it but just couldn't get there. Its great to be 45 years old and still riding around. Be sure to check for photos from the event."

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