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As we promised yesterday we have some details on Chris Böhm's Pir Malo signature/custom frame Boom and his current bike setup.

TT: 19"; CS: 12.7" slamed
HA: 74.5°; SA: 74°
Standover: 6.14"; BB height: 12.8" / +3.05"
110 mm long headtube with custom machining
Spanish BB with internally and externally machining
Externally machined seat tube, Front gusset
New shortened 0.19" thick laser cutted dropouts for 3/8" axle, Integrated chain tensioner on both sides
Weight: 1580 g - without Chris Böhm

Bike check:
Frame: Pir Boom Frame 2013 Chris Böhm TT 19"
Handlebar: S&M Bar 8.5
Seat: Odyseey Senior 2
Fork: St. Martin
Pegs: Boom Pegs Signature Chris Böhm
Front Wheel: Profile
Back Wheel: Khe Gaisha
Tire: Khe Mac 1 - 1.75
Crank: Khe Titanium Hindenburg
Sprocket: Ares 20
Stem: Twenty Android

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