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It got a little quiet around Kunstform?! founder and pro rider Sebastian Pospischil lately. He sent us a few words on what he´s up to these days:

"First of all I´m still working for Kunstform?! as well as Daniel Fuhrmann but I also have a regular full time job. Now that there is a 3 in front of the 0 (age) it´s time for some renovation works. Maybe you noticed the tape that is holding my body together. After 15 years of BMX, 5 years of back and leg problems and many doctors I found one that is able to fix my problems. The tapes are part of the therapy and the pain in my leg is almost gone but it will take another 6 months. Therefore I won´t be around at many contests except for the Masters in Cologne. This autumn I´ll get my nose broken in order to get rid of a breathing problem. CK Köhler and NewScool Böhm confirmed that it´s pretty helpful!
I used the last couple of week to rearrange my parts in ´No Flips Please´ (older Sport Import team and promo video) which you can see on the left."
We are looking forward to seeing Seppl in full effect again next year! Have fun getting that nose broken! ;-)

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