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Today we start a video contest in cooperation with You can win an original KHEbikes Jesse Puente prototype, this frame is one of only 3 frames world wide. Follow the rules and win a KHEbikes Premium Lagger Light, which is a rebirth of the old Premium Lagger frame.

What do you need to do to win? The rules are simple! You upload a video of your original combo on YouTube or Vimeo (length 1-2min) until July 1. Make sure you show the KHE Logo (download: 1080p, 720p, non-HD ) for at least 3sec at the beginning of the video.

Send your video link to and (Subject: WIN A JESSE PUENTE FRAME). Like the KHE Bikes Facebook page because all the videos will be posted there.

The 10 videos with the most views and likes (1 like counts as 10 views) will make it to the final. Jesse will judge the top 10 videos by originality and decide who gets the frame!

So the premium lagger is back (click here for full specs)! How do you like it?

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