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I recently Ttemasen moetry.in.motion blog.

A month and a half has passed since coming over here, and somehow Kanto atmosphere nowadays I feel like I have adapted.
Lovely goodie bags to make the ride that incorporates a rhythm of life, but do not ride just once or twice a week.
What is in trial and error and wasted time 省Kenai somehow.
Perhaps a return and grocery. . . Rash

The clamor to ride under the KOG Matsudo'm Yama ... The mountains and keto ゙ lot to write about, and bon appétit will be omitted.
(Kola ~ ~ ~ ー too huh!)

Something he had a hand like so many others, I do not mind writing you lose?
Ok? We know Mr. Buroga Image URL.

Yachottodake fig about me.

Under first.
Girl riders placed on the base when only pine.

Uncontrolled third Congratulations rice noodle! I can ーーー

Pearlie and I immediately celebrated with Miyuki home, doubles as Basudepari from this birthday and did.
While this is a Chang or rice noodles, I came Chun Chang fig.
I'm sorry. The cake is a little upscale from melon de no birthday song. Lol but happy DEMASHITA.

To speak before the clamor of the company and the Hawa family the next day.

ー of taking too much of the rest in the freezer still ー.

Last Nde KOG.
The winning tee file. Miyuki Yamaguchi Yotto I moved the tee.

They will still Medarugetto tee.
(Rice noodle was depressed, but ...)

Everyone riding in the park ー, ー of early and return immediately annoyed me to no Miyuki bike.

Issy 's disgustingー.

ー take souvenir photos of everyone, of glue surprisingly good Kung ー plane.

Like starting like this.

Well. I am going Matsu Matsudo ー! I think the rain? ?

~ ~ I'm testing the water a little.

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基本はGirl ridersのみ載せときまつ。













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