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Winter Flatland in Auckland

Hi there from Aeoteroa, currently it’s cold and wet here in Auckland but this has not stopped regular flatland sessions happening on the weekend when the weather clears up.
For the dedicated few, putting up with the unpredictable weather New Zealand can throw at you has turned out to be some of the most enjoyable and progressive sessions I have had in a very long time.

With around 10 riders based in and around Auckland; sessions are taking place on the North Shore at Marlborough Park basketball court and also Windmill reserve in Mt Eden. There are also a couple of riders down south which we have not had the pleasure of riding with yet but hopefully this will happen soon.

Marlborough basketball courts has a nice concrete surface located next to the skate park but the area gets crowded with kids playing basketball, from time to time will get some of the park riders coming over to try there flatland skills out.

Windmill reserve is one of the better spots around Auckland, it’s open to the public to play netball or tennis and the surface is nice flat asphalt. There are about 9 courts available and it’s relatively quiet and you can have the whole place to yourself. There is plenty of space to roll and many long sessions have taken place here.

Regular riders include June Dungca, Derek Blaikie, Vic Bendall, Nick Jenson and myself with others coming and going when work or school commitments allow them the time, Skill levels vary for each rider and most sessions are spent pushing each other to learn new tricks or to perfect that one combo that seems to allude them.

June, Messiah, Windmill

June and Derek are the veterans of the NZ flatland scene and have been riding a long time, tales of sessions with Kerry Gatt, Parris and Dylan Worsley form part of the flatland history here in NZ, for those who don’t know June also runs the NZ flatland website and keeps everyone up to date with local jams and events.

June is also the backwards king when it comes to rolling tricks, his thousand and one hitchhiker variations keeps the mind guessing as to what he will do next.

Derek is one of the smoothest riders out here and has most rolling tricks down pat. His steam rollers to hitchhikers are one of the smoothest out there as well as his brakeless multiple whiplashes. His current record is 4 but this count is still climbing.

Derek, Cliff Nothing

Vic and Nick, relatively new to the flatland scene these two guy’s have the determination and inspiration to take flatland wherever they want it to go. Watching them each week progressing reminds me of what it was like when I first started riding, There motivation is infectious and strives you to ride harder and try new things.

Vic, Megaspin, Windmill (1)

Nick Hang 5 (1)

If you are interested in riding with us or if you are coming over to NZ for a holiday check out There is a interact section where all of the NZ riders chat and organise jams.


Alan Woo and the NZ Flatland riders

Alan, Cliffhanger, Windmill (1)
Photos courtesy of Alan, Derek & June

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