Viki Gomez - New project with Rutger Pauw and Matty Lambert!

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Proud to present a project with my dear friend and talented photographer Mr Rutger Pauw done in Luxembourg, Thanks to Matty Lambert for the video coming up very very soon! And special thanks aswell to Differdange Commune 1535º and speciall…See More

Really proud to present my project ‘Viki Gomez in flight’

I got the idea for the suit on a trip in Japan, and couldn’t think of a better guy to shoot it with than my dear friendViki Gómez The suit was made by Nicola jane Gulliver out of 20 metres of parachute fabric, and we had no idea if the 5 metre long sleeves would work. I rented the biggest industrial fan i could find, and we drove to Luxembourg to shoot it in an old factory.

Thanks to everyone involved, and thanks to Leica S-System for supporting me on this shoot, it was amazing.


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