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Trevlon released more details on the Monster Energy BMX Freestyle Exams, the contest with the longest name and biggest prize money this year :) 

If you are planning to go there then you should register first of all. There is a limit for the number of registrations (20 rider in amateur and 40 riders in pro). A few big names like Alex Jumelin, Dub, Dom, Williams Perez are already registered. 

Schedule - there will be a proper practice session on friday and you should pay your registration fee on friday until 6PM. The qualifications are on saturday. The top 3 Amateur and top 12 Pro riders will make it to the Finals on sunday. There are no seperate amateur finals.

Prize Money Breakdown - the top 15 riders will get cash. The detailled breakdown is available here. That means cash for the top 3 Amateur riders and top 12 Pro riders. We usually don't focus that much on prize money but we know that many of you will probably spend quite some money for their tickets to Trinidad and Tabago so it's probably good to know some details on the prize money you could possibly take home ;-) 

Some more organizational info from the organizer: "Please note that Payment of Prize money to Athletes will be done on Monday 28th April. So make sure when you book your plane ticket and hotel accommodation you at least organize to Arrive in Trinidad & Tobago on Thursday 24th and Depart on Tuesday 29th April at minimum."

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