Innertwine - Mike Payne Recovery Fund is Now in the Helping Hands of the A.R.F.

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This year Mike has made big steps in his professional career from winning the Gatorade Freeflow tour to riding with the big dogs at the Dew Tour Finals in Las Vegas, Nv. Mike is on his way to doing some big things in our sport and is no stranger to going high and fast and with that comes some major risks. Payne took a hard fall in Phoenix, Az which put him in three different hospitals for days/nights with multiple broken ribs severe bruising and a lacerated kidney. Mike had medical insurance for the Gatorade Freeflow and Dew Tour, but upon arrival at the hospital he was notified of his policy cancelation which in turn leaves him hung high and dry with a hefty medical bill or should I say medical bills. As you know Innertwine clothing has setup a paypal account for donations which 100% proceeds go towards Payne’s recovery. Now there is even better news! Mike’s story has reached the ears of Aaron Cooke from the A.R.F.(Athlete Recovery Fund) and has contacted myself(Jason Aleknewicus) and has offered his full support in lending assistance for Mike’s recovery fund. So if you wish to donate to Mike’s fund you can now do so through the 501(c)3 A.R.F. organization and get a write off on your taxes .

The A.R.F. is honestly just an amazing organization for the extreme sport athlete. Know this is not a replacement for heath insurance but it is nice to know they got your back! Even if you have insurance there’s procedures insurance companies just don’t cover. The A.R.F. will step in and help with what your insurance company lacked. They believe no athlete should have to sacrifice medical treatment because there insurance company didn’t cover it. It’s nice to know there’s an organization that cares to make sure you get the full treatment you deserve. It’ definitely no secret that what we do for a living is dangerous and sometimes even fatal. We all know the risks involved in doing what we love to do. So I’m glad to see the A.R.F. dedicating it’s time to keep our dreams alive!

Innertwine Clothing is full supporters of the A.R.F. and is happy to see such an awesome organization at work. We here at Innertwine clothing believe in a much higher standard of health and well being for our riders. One of Innertwine’s goals and purpose is to outsource funding from other major corporations and pump money into the Bmx industry to help it thrive and flourish.Thus allowing ourselves and other companies within the industry to be able to provide their team’s with some form of adequate health care without breaking anyone’s bank. Innertwine is not in Bmx to make money we are here to make Bmx money!! Profits from all our sales on merchandise goes towards building a greater and better Bmx industry. It is our way of giving back to the sport that has created a home and family to many riders including ourselves. We are glad to have the support of a great organization such as the A.R.F.

Mike and Innertwine clothing would like to thank everyone for their support in this time of need.

Mike’s Response to the A.R.F.

(How did you feel when Aaron Cooke from A.R.F. called you and heard about your case?)

When I got the call from Aaron I was laying in the hospital bed hating the situation I’m in; but after talking with him it changed my perspective and showed there is light at the end of the tunnel. Being as surprised as I am that he heard of my case as soon as it happened is amazing and shows he’s in it to help people as quickly as possible which is a great feeling to have when you’re in too deep to handle on your own.

(How does it feel knowing the A.R.F. is helping you and has your back?)

Athlete Recovery Fund is an amazing program and it’s relieving that they want to help people in need which is great to cope with all the stress of injuries and hospital visits allowing me to focus on doing what I need to do to recover correctly and faster. It’s a great feeling knowing there are people out in the world helping one another and I’m sincerely grateful.

(Explain your Insurance situation.)

During The Free Flow Tour and Dew I purchased short term temporary insurance with intentions to get better coverage after the events and when I could afford to do so. My insurance that I had expired a couple weeks back and right now I don’t have the money to afford a new policy. Now ARF is going to help me find a policy that I can afford so I don’t get in this situation again.

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