Global-Flat News - Matthias Dandois Red Bull Interview - Riding Through the Pain

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Matthias sent over a little news flash:

I have an interview online on the Red Bull website about my broken ankle and road to recovery. You can find it here on

Talking about my injured ankle, it's now 100 % back!!

I went to film in Spain in the desert with Hadrien last week for a cool video project and it went perfect.

I'm going to Denmark on Thursday to do some shows for Red Bull, then off to America and Japan for a month trip: I'm going to Austin TX to ride at Texas Toast jam and take part of the NORA cup award ceremony, then off to Kobe Japan to ride the last stop of the World circuit! Should be a lot of fun!!!

I also have a big project with a major TV channel in France i'm recording at the moment. It will air in 2015 so i'll let you know! It's 6 shows of 90 minutes airing prime time on Friday nights. :-)

We posted another sick photo of a shooting with Hadrien Picard in Paris on our Instagram.

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