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Nowadays it feels like stuff gets forgotten a few weeks later, so it is always interesting to go back over the year for me. See who did what, as I continue my breakdown of the year today, with February. This year that shall be remembered forever for the tragic death of BMX icon/legend Dave Mirra, RIP.

February began with a nice “Decade teaser” treat from Scott Powell, really like the fire hydrant to foot jam decade direct to back pegs to direct foot jam decade at 00:54 not to mention the upside down decade to xft ice cream lines at 1:03 and 1:15. Looking forward to the Decade Anthology edit Scott is working on…


On February 4th, the BMX World lost the greatest to ever grace our sport. I was lucky enough to share many great memories together with Dave on the Haro team during the late 90’s, a personal hero of mine, my thoughts go out to his family and friends.
Truly a heartbreaking day!

R.I.P Dave Mirra.

Upon hearing the tragic news of BMX icon, Dave Mirra passing away it was hard enough to post the news on the site. Let alone anything else, it felt the right thing to do to give the community time to reflect on such an amazing man and character.
Hidenori Ishizaki sent in this awesome new “2016” edit that cheered me up some and perhaps will do the same to you! Hidenori kills the forwards two footed back yard game, definitely give this one a watch when you feel like it!

On February 7th, Gunter Mats dropped this creative multiple crackpacker line filmed at his riding spot in Kyoto, Japan. Big fan of Gunter’s riding, so this was a motivating day for me.

Dominik Nekolny was not playing during the first part of the year! Here he drops his 3rd amazing clip of the year, and states “This one could be 4 years old, maybe more but I still like it. Next one soon guys!”. Incredible bike control!

On the 9th day of February, Mr Flatland Tricky, Quentin Pelorson broke new ground today with this amazing no foot karl spin jump no footed switch to halfpacker! You definitely want to give this another watch, amazing levitational bike control!


Also on this day, Autum Bicycles announced some exciting news, congratulations to Kevin Nikulski fresh on Autum Bicycles! Short press release from Autum below:
“We are so happy to announce that the coolest guy in the game Kevin Nikulski is riding from now on for AUTUM! Welcome to the family Kevin!”

Austin Luberda is one of the riders I regularly look out for on the American contest flatland scene, hit play and you will see why! This kid has an amazing future ahead of him, if he keeps it up!

On the 13th February, I published a great scene edit from Argentina by Owen Bohn, featuring Antonio Pagani,Diego Gimenez, Kevin Soruco, Alejo ponce (palo), Lucas Cornejo, Pablo Rey, Sergio Alvarez, Jonathan Diaz, Guille Cateura, Kity Mariscal and Ayrton Vasquez (Monociclo).

It’s always a good day when a new Giannis Caternellis edit drops, February 15th was one of those days! From the opening jump back pegs to xft steam line, this new edit had my attention for the entire 5:37. As always there is a great mix of riding eras mixed into Giannis’ riding, hit play and you will see what I’m talking about!

Photo:Jason Halayko.
Also on Feb 15th:
Jean-François Boulianne just sent in some big sponsorship news, the Fishbone team is growing. Read the official press release below, congratulations Moya!
“Alberto Moya is joining the 2016 Fishbone tribe.
Fishbone is really proud to announce that Spanish Pro rider Alberto Moya will be joining Canadian rider Jean-François Boulianne on the Fishbone BMX team.
“Here at Fishbone, we are really happy to have Moya on board, Alberto is a very original rider who is always pushing limits. He is well known in the BMX industry and his attitude toward the sport is exemplary. Alberto also possesses a natural talent for photography and videography. We can’t wait to start working with him and support his creative outlet. Welcome to the Team Alberto.”
Alberto says : “I’m very excited to be apart of the Fishbone team. The return of this brand is really big news for the BMX community, the fact that they are counting on me is a real honour. I would like to thank JFB and Fishbone for this opportunity. I am dying of excitement to try all their products and to help in all that I can.”

Calvin Tan – Mini Documentary from Jeremy v Bedijk Sports Marketing on Vimeo.

Great documentary also dropped on the 15th with the stylish Calvin Tan, Jeremy van Bedijk did an amazing job with this documentary, read below for the scoop.
“What happens when a flatland rider stops for 8 years and focuses on his career outside of BMX? One thing’s for sure, he never forgets what being a rider is all about.
Jeremy van Bedijk is a Sports Marketing professional from the Netherlands.
He still has his JPS the 5th frame, with Odyssey black widow crank, Inertia fork and KGB handlebars, but it’s been catching dust for some time.
In his effort to promote artistic and inspiring sports among the people of the world he recently started travelling and documenting local athletes.
Last january he visited Singapore, home of Ares Bykes rider Calvin Tan.
During his stay they met and together created this short documentary / video portrait of Calvin, an inspiring, talented rider who doubles as a tattoo artist.
Free up 2,5 minutes of your time, sit back, and enjoy the art of flatland bmx.”

Photo: Frank Lucas.

Dominik Nekolny took the win the annual Fight the Winter contest in Gottingen, Germany, followed on the podium by Alberto Moya and David Hoffman! Congratulations to Dom for the win, and Moya and David also rounding out the podium. Malte Oth won the Masters group, congratulations!


On the same weekend, Matthias Dandois took home his first win of the year at the BMX Indoor contest in Caen, France which was Round 1 of the French Cup followed on the podium by Alex Jumelin and Lee Musselwhite.
1 : Matthias Dandois
2 : Alex Jumelin
3 : Lee Musselwhite
4 : Joris Bretagnolle
5 : Gurvan Le Bloc’h
6 : Fabien Stephan

On the 22nd, Jeremy Brosset just dropped an awesome “Welcome to Quest BMX” edit filmed in Grenoble, France. Especially liked the double downside whiplash to xft pedal 5 to steam around the 00:47 mark. Well worth another watch!

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool.

“October, 25th 2015. Kobe, Japan. The air is electric. Everybody is waiting suspended in time for the results of the FlatArk, the biggest BMX flatland contest in history. All the big guns made the trip to try to grab the biggest prize money ever. A pack of wolves ready to battle to death. And battling in blood sweat and tears they did. Especially in the finals where current World Champion and crowd favourite frenchman Matthias Dandois faced officially retired Martti Kuoppa. But the unexpected and most theatrical of situations happened: the Finnish rider won the gold and the $40K taking it back to the essence of flatland by pulling some of the hardest and most original tricks of the contest.
How could Martti pull such a monumental achievement as he had not entered a contest in 6 years? And what the hell is BMX flatland anyway? Listen to this modern tale of a true modern hero.”

Lionel Cardoso caught up with Flatark winner, Martti Kuoppa to talk about how he could achieve this win after many years away from the spotlight. Hit the link below for a great read:

On the 26th we dropped Viki Gomez’s first edit of the year, FreedomBMX catch up with Viki at the Zuppermarket skatepark in Trier, Germany for a lil’ hype edit for the flat contest going down on the 19th March. Fresh footage of Viki is always good, the hang ten one handed jump to one handed steam line at 1:30 is amazing! Definitely worth sitting down and watching this one!

Photo: Djou

The week after the BMX Indoor caen contest, Photo: Djou. Matthias Dandois took his second win in a week with first place yesterday at the annual ABC of Flatland contest in Alencon, France, followed on the podium by Dominik Nekolny and Viki Gomez.

On the 29th, the second Must Watch edit of the month and our last post of the month! Matthieu Bonnecuelle is pushing flatland into new areas, and it was no surprise to me that he was voted Breakthrough Rider of the Year in the 2015 Flatmattersonline Year end Awards. Now in 2016, he is already starting the year with a NBD, do I really have to tell you to hit play! My mind is blown yet again by this amazing talent from Southern France!


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