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These lookback features have definitely been fun to put together during the past fortnight or so, and already we are on November today! Looking back it seems September through till December were the biggest months of the year! Let’s go back through the highlights from last month…

Martti Kuoppa celebrates his 37th birthday on November 1st, and does it in style with another NBD move. If you are counting, that’s the third “Must watch” of the week, and a new door opened with the possibilities when he learnt this walking man stem lash (I think we can all see whats coming!)! The man is on a roll and its beautiful to see this kind of progression in our sport.

John Yull got inspired by Martti Kuoppa’s walking man stem lashes the other day and applied MK’s technique of switching feet on the stem to the foot jam decade.

Dub over at igi just published this dope line from Benjamin Hudson, filmed during a practise session at Flatark. Style and flow for days!

Congratulations to Martin Drazil who won the annual Flatland Fanatics contest on November 7th in Minden, Germany followed on the podium by David Hoffmann and Dustyn Alt! In the masters, Gino Stuart took the win, followed on the podium by Pino and Malte Orth.

Luis dos Santos dropped this nice Kobe, Japan travel logue edit on November 8th from his trip to Flatark, skip to around 4:30 for the riding.

Expert class winner Anthony Schneidewind published a fresh edit from the best trick contest friday night at the Battle in the Rockies contest! Good vibes! Congratulations once again to Martti Kuoppa taking the win with 5 stem lashes.

I’ve been waiting for the no handed spinning half packer jaffa whip to halfpacker for a couple of years out of Matthias Dandois (ref: TCU Calling the shots with Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois 2014) and he delivers right here, plus a whole lot more! Enjoy the latest progression from Matthias filmed in Paris, France and Japan! November 12th was a good day!

All about France on November 12th! Check this awesome no foot spinning seat grab 5 from Quentin Pelorson! Amazing how he holds that position!

With a week to go until Level Vibes, James White just dropped this silky smooth body varial two footed backyard for the 3rd promo for Level Vibes next week! Amazing!!

Trevor Meyer is on the road again performing in shows in Texas, as Trevor says, you never know what to expect, everyday is different and a challenge. Check out this nice edit filmed on the road in between shows!

On November 17th SeongHoon Lie dropped this Com’in Lyon highlights edit featuring great riding from the likes of Matthias Dandois, Mates Tucek, Alberto Moya, Yannick Chauvel, Thomas Deschenaux, Thomas Noyer, Josh Briars, Didier Genet, Fabien Stephan, Manu Massabova, Kevin Jacob, Alex Jumelin, Jeremy Brosset, Joris Bretagnolles, Alexis Desolneux, Charles Paty, Quentin pelorson and many more. Respect to everyone who pushed through on a very difficult weekend for everyone in France!

On November 17th, Keelan Phillips dropped an absolute banger for us to get our teeth into! Pushing the nose manual game as far as he possibly can at this point in time, in particular the multiple 3 nose manual repeat line at around 1:49 is a game changer but Keelan drops a whole lot more to get you stoked, incredible bike control and a worlds first! Hitting the rewind!

On November 19th, Quentin Pelorson showed a lil’ behind the scenes action from the making of Flatland Tricky, his new how-to app is due out shortly. If you don’t have this already go to the app store, and download the Flatland Tricky app for free!

I’ve been waiting on this one and it doesn’t disappoint! At an hour thirty long, grab a cuppa when you have some spare time to kill. Adam 22 as always hosts with special guest Bobby Carter helping out also, you do not get to hear much from Simon O’Brien so this is a rare interview. Discussions go from how Simon got started, to the solitude life of a flatlander, trips to USA and Europe, his love for Mexican food, his flatland spot in his yard, solo dvds, contest tricks vs bangers, his brake set up, having arguably the most viewed web video of all time, and probably of most interest to me how did having a stroke effect Simon’s riding and much more besides. Well worth your time to sit down and learn more about one of the best flatlanders ever!

Dub sends a shoutout to Owen Bohn mid crazy back wheel line, enjoy this one!

On November 21st, George Manos just came through with second edit for Lotek and also the Ride ON BMX Shop in Greece. The spinning ankle death footjam move at 00:41 is amazing, and of course there’s much more besides as you expect from George Manos. Well worth a watch!

Check this edit from the Com’in Lyon contest with a good mix of footage from the contest area and the jam the day after. Featuring the likes of Matthias Dandois, Thomas Noyer, Alberto Moya, Mates Tucek, Jean Bulhon and many more!

Yinka Thomas came through with the first edit from Level Vibes on November 25th, and it’s a banger! Plenty of amazing riding from the likes of MK, Michelle Maiolini, Jason Forde, Matti Hemmings, Steve Green, Keelan Phillips, Alex Jumelin, Jussi Laukkanen, and many more! Below I’ve highlighted some of my favourite lines from the edit! Big up Yinka for this treat!
Martti Kuoppa: 6 stem lashes at 2:49 + fakie stem rebate to double opposite stem lash at 6:25!
Michelle Maiolini: pedal one handed 5 grabbing the cross bar to one handed cross bar whiplash out at 5:42.
Keelan Philips: 1080 nose manual at 3:36.
Matti Hemmings: No hand no foot dork wheelie at 4:30.

All about Level Vibes on November 25th and rightly so, check this nice edit by Wudtube. Capturing some of the best lines from Martti Kuoppa, Michelle Maiolani (lookout for the foot under pedal 5 at 1:03!), Keelan Phillips, Gonzalo Bellanti, Denes Katona and much more! Well worth a watch!

In the midst of all the Level Vibes coverage, this gem from Grombar dropped, capturing an amazing & inspirational family portrait edit of Takuya Isogai, his father and his little sister on a daily practice routine. “Watching this was like a dream, felt kind of unrealistically to watch kids this young with so much discipline.” Thanks for taking the time to make this Grombar!

We briefly discussed this edit during the Level Vibes weekend, and I knew something great was coming out of James. And like everything James does, it definitely delivers! Cutting edge flatland at it’s best right here, i’m already on my third watch and i’m noticing new things on each viewing. The Stationary full body varial at 00:19 had hitting the rewind on the first view, just beautiful! Not to mention James revisiting the bikeflip bunny hop and landing it way cleaner at 00:23, and the ender at 1:03 is incredible! The godfather deserves all the plaudits I am sure he will get, a masterpiece in bike control and creativity. Hitting the rewind!


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