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December has of course just flown by, so kind of feels weird reviewing already what happened. But it was a pivotal month, so lets do this! Last day to vote, a few of you have messaged asking for the extra time, so instead of 9am GMT, till the end of the day!

On November 5th, a few days after the Flatark contest in Kobe, the Far East Cycles and IGI team headed to Yohohama and hosted a flatland jam over there with all the local scene. On December 1st we got to see an amazing edit by Yuki Itoh aka yukipkoproject, which combines awesome riding and communicates the dreamlike vibe of the jam.
Some of the standout clips for me:
Gonzalo Bellanti: Bar grab one handed whiplash to bar grab one handed turbine whiplash around the 00:49 mark. I know he’s done it before but it’s still a banger!
Jean William Prevost: Back wheel fury with two massive combos at the 1:44, power and flow for days.
Yuki Itoh: His spinning xft crack to pumping one handed hang ten line is one of the lines of the edit, already watched this line several times. Skills and style galore.

On the 4th, Peep this new edit from the Quest team with clips taken from the teams instagram pages, featuring Pete Brandt, Danny Sirkin, Steve Lapsley, Jean Francois Boulianne, Jeremy Brosset, Mannie Nogueira, Gurvan Le Bloc’h, and Mark McGrade!

On the 8th following my part 1 interview with Giannis Caternellis.

“Flatland is all about having your own identity, with the use of brakes in a “brakeless world” and trying to learn every single trick on the flat ground I feel like a freestyler, this is my identity. I have free mind, free spirit, free soul, free from any rules. Flatland means hard work, stamina, faith, imagination, creation, originality, progression, values that stands the test of time and are beyond any trends or anything else.”
The following paragraph stood out to me from the recent Part 1 interview I did with Giannis Caternellis from Athens, Greece. We discussed this video before the interviews came out and as timing would have it, it fits in nicely in between Part 1 and Part 2.
Giannis’ new edit strikes a different chord than my usual “Must Watch” edit, his interview and this edit made me think about how “Free” freestyle really is. All these so called rules we make on our riding, don’t touch the tyre, don’t drop the bike, don’t scrape bars, the list goes on. I am as guilty as anyone of this!
I experienced a series of emotions from watching “Originalidade #5”. I laughed, I cringed, I screamed WTF!, I questioned myself “Would I show this in an edit?”, the answer was no. When you think about it, as much as people wax lyrical about you have to original, if you truly are original, when you are original you might upset someone. You can’t do that??
Giannis’ I don’t give a fuck attitude is a lesson to us all, this guy truly lives the freestyle life. The way he documents his limited riding time is as real as gets, you don’t have to like it, he’s living it! I took a lot out of this edit and wanted to share some of my favourite parts with you all. God bless the internet, for we might never see Giannis’ riding otherwise. The power of video parts is so important to our culture. Well done Giannis!
– The opening switch handed fork wheelie two footed no comply crackpacker jump to steam at the 1:01 mark.
– The ice cream side roly poly out at 1:13, WTF! Really??
– Opposite lawn stall to no handed puppet to xft pedal backwards decade out at 1:58!
– One of my favourite clips is the opposite lawn in what looks like his yard, walkover decade to caboose body varial track stand out at 2:51! So good!
– Straight bar Xft hitch pivot to backwards backpacker line at 3:37.
– Wheelie to time machine pedal two caboose back out to pedal time machine, simple idea I haven’t seen before at 4:12.

On the 10th, Now the contest season is over, Art Thomason has been working on some new moves at his home riding spot. Art’s riding seems to have gone up a few levels since he went brakeless, and his new edit continues to impress. Especially liked the double fire turbine line that just keeps going at 00:54!

On the 12th, Gunter Mats is celebrating his 30th birthday, and that spent half of his life behind bars so far and boy can you tell. Hit play for this short amazing edit, smooth multiple xft whiplashes to open. Then it gets very technical, two footed guillotine step to xft halfpacker whip to teakettle to x hand xft funky chicken to xft hitch to xft half step to xft crackpacker pivot backwards hang ten out! Would love to see a full edit from this guy, amazing switches! Happy birthday Gunter!

Also on that same day, Have you all watched Simon’s part from Landscapes yet? Here’s a new edit for his bike sponsor, Colony BMX to get your teeth into. Really liked the no handed straddle Time Machine quick jump to junkyard pedal position perverted decade out at around the 00:50 mark, and the following clip that I believe was used in Landscapes, pedal time machine flip to upside down ice cream position for a second to switch b exit out! Amazing!

December 20th, Team edits are becoming more and more rare these days, I’ve been looking forward to this Autum Japan Tour by Thomas Deschenaux since the trailer dropped a few days ago here on FM. At just over 15 minutes long, sit down and grab a cuppa and enjoy the Autum team killing it at some of the best riding spots in japan laced with nice beats and slick camerawork and editing.

The 21st was a good day, Marton Szilaygi’s 46th edit! You all saw the wild no cross bar set up OG Marton is rocking a few months ago, hit play and see what he does with that set up. Not to mention so much else, I won’t spoil it. Hit play already!

In the 22nd, It’s a good week for edits as Christmas 2016 draws closer, here’s a fresh Fumiya Kanna Welcome to the Enemy Team edit to get your teeth into! Shot on what looks like a rooftop location, glass smooth floor and a wicked sunset, the vibes are good! The nose foot jam jump to steam at 00:24 gets me every time, look out for the backwards steam bar flip jump to crackpacker at 1:28 and the ender at 2:10. Fumiya’s riding is easy on the eye. enjoy this one!

With Christmas a few days away, on the 23rd. This strikes a different chord than what I usually give the “Must Watch” tag for, I really enjoyed the insight of this video with Matthias talking about contest riding, judging, flat/street, creativity, muscle memory and for the finale he creates a new “NBD” move at 6:43! Turbine two footed backyard jump half backwards decade to boomerang to right handed halfpacker! Grab a cuppa and enjoy this one!

On Boxing Day, With a lot of what I call the :Video heavy weights” filming for Master of Creativity this year, you can forgive me for thinking the year was kind of done with regard to Must Watch edits and the like. How wrong I was? What stood out the most for me in this new “fall” edit from John Yull was the progression he has made on the power mower saran wrap stall moves that are totally groundbreaking, and of course throw in John’s multiple foot jam decade skills! You have one hell of a Christmas treat, thanks John!
As I like to do with Must watch edits, here are my personal highlights:
00:12: Half lash to foot jam head grab one handed stall to smith out.
00:49: Footjam decade land right foot peg left foot pedal kick to peg wheelie decade out. Very tech!
1:00: Bars backwards saran wrap stall direct to foot jam decade!
1:23: Halflash to regular side smith stall switch to power mower to decade.
1:31: Bar spinning power mower stall one handed to foot jam decade!
1:38: Double foot jam decade with a quick no handed one footed stall thrown in just to throw the difficulty up some, not to mention originality!
2:05: Bars backwards Candy bar saran wrap stall to bars backwards foot jam decade out, one of the wildest clips for sure!
2:17: John is on a death wish here with the banger clip, double foot jam decade with the second decade one handed! WTF!!
Hitting the rewind yet??

On the 29th, Bene Pfriem took a trip north up the coast to San Francisco to visit Pete Brandt. Pete as usual was on fire, this didn’t take many tries to make. From the opening hitchhiker darkside, this is a really good watch! Camerawork and editing on point, thank you Bene and Pete for this one!

On the 30th, Short and sweet, with the difficulty notch sky high from Marton Szilagyi! pedalling nose manual, no joke!

Let’s kick off the last day of 2016 with a good watch from Giannis Caternellis! Here;’s what the man himself had to say:

It’s been a great year for the Greek riders, and today particularly it seems to be all about the Greek riders! Firstly Giannis, then George, and now a Motivation Techniques from Sakis Doumas! It’s going to be super tough to see Sakis land the hitchhiker dark side to knee fudge packer at 3:08, maybe in 2017? Enjoy this good vibes edit!

That is a wrap on the year, hope these Lookback features helped you break down the year a lil’ easier….

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