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Posts will be a long time.

Last weekend I went to KOG, KOG this many overseas riders to come, KOG think it was very pleasant. The rider who fought overseas since 2002 or so, maybe not

Cory Fester also in love myself that I was excited by the visit.

In pre ~ KOG KOG write the story until a few days later.

October 14
Collie was visiting from Canada and 13 days, Greg was visiting from America some time ago (Gregory Leuschner) Matsudo went on Kasahara's thing to bring.
Matsudo to arrive about noon, riding deep Taro.
Taro is a locally concentrated "KOG not go to shave one's head in the final," was also included a promise because he was fired.

And that three men came riding Takuya also has to do with Greg took a while for Kasahara's Collie.

Collies and Canada since the reunion in March.
In the morning return from Canada, "Come on in Japan, I'll be waiting!" I broke up, saying, came the promise kept (but will not visit because of it)

Both Greg Canada since the reunion.

Immediately after greeting Raidokomyunikeshon little.

Cory Yabaiyabai.
Everyone was surprised by the attack they do attack skills, tricks and things I asked for the tournament.
- No trouble.

Nakajima also came after a while.

Everyone has done a Rutinjamu KOG, and the high rate of Takuya Nakashima's makeup, too high.

Commemorative photograph had been getting a good time
Overseas riders came Matsudo Speaking of what the first time.

And instead decide greetings Daburudikedo Aoi-kun came after this, the collie was truly surprised.

After his riding with our friends to join Kasahara Saitama.
Ate a parfait for dessert Bikkuridonki eating.
And obviously he slept and then watched a video with Kasahara's house arrived.

Of the day No, video is one of the Timm Knoll!

Continued part2

Original text:



自分的にも大好きなCory Festerが来日するという事でわくわくしていました。


13日にカナダから来日したコリーと、少し前にアメリカから来日していたグレッグ(Gregory Leuschner)を笠原さんが連れてくるという事で松戸に行きました。





いや~ ヤバイ。






この日のNo,1動画はTimm Knollだな!


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