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KHE recently introduced their new 2015 bikes. The SWITCH is their new midrange Flatland bike but specced like a Pro bike according to KHE:

"CrMo frame with short 19” TT frame, CrMo Fork without zero offset, Affix Rotor, short 30mm stem, 25T / PRISM Freecoster (old REVERSE) 9T, short 152mm 48 Spline crank, 4pc Alchemy Flatland pegs Flybikes Trebol rims, Flybikes Ruben pedals, Flybikes Manual Levers, KHE MAC1.5 tires."

Frame: CrMo with Micro Dropouts TT19”
Fork: Zero Offset! Taper CrMo w. U-Pivot
Rotor: Affix System
H-Set: Integrated SB headset
Stem: KHE Flat 30mm extension
Handlebar: CrMo 8,15" 2pc
Brake lever: FLYbikes Manual (2pc)
Crank: 48 Spline 3pc 152mm CrMo
Rear Hub: PRISM Freecoaster 9T
Front Hub: alloy full sealed bolt
Pedals: FLYbikes Ruben
Chain wheel: alloy 25T
Tire: KHE MAC1.5 Steel beaded
Rim: FLYbikes Trebol black anodized
Grip: Propalm Mushroom Style
Pegs: 4pc Alchemy Flat
Packaging: Affix System
Color:  Matt Black

Weight =  10,1kg (including 4 pegs) = 22.27lbs

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