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This is classic! Keelan and James interview each other, this is awesome banter! Thanks to Keelan for sending this in! I have to ask though, what is going on with the shorts!

Keelan interviews James.

How many whiplashes have you done in your entire life, I would like a number to the nearest 10?
Errr, each session about 50 x sessions a week 3 x annual 360 x the years I’ve been riding = your mum.

Rumour has it that when you beat Phil Dolan in a contest one time, he head butted you, which is why you are losing some teeth?
You’d be losing more than teeth if you had that head come at you……you ain’t getting up for days. The truth is, when I beat Phil (which was on a regular basis I might add!!) he just got a sulk on and complained about the judging!!

I’ve heard that for you to get arroused in the bedroom, you have to get your lady to whisper you sweet nothings in your ear like ’1 handed whiplashes… deathtrucks..’ ?
That was just with your Lady!, if you can call her that? I guess she’s missing me !

In todays flatland world, what do you thinks right with it? and also whats wrong with it?
I hate the geeky image flatland has and negativity around the new school style and set ups. It’s all part of progression take from it or leave it, Just don’t stay stuck in the 90′s moaning about the new.
On the good side, flatland still has a family feel, I’m proud of it’s history and the depth it has.

What’s your view on comps?
There a necessary evil. I’ve never been a contest rider and always managed just treat it is a bit of fun. Having said that when ever I go to one I always regret that I haven’t practised for it and get my competitive game on. I’ll hope to turn up to the odd comp here till I literally can’t ride. Never been scared of last place.

When you go out for a session, what do you think about? (as in riding) and what do you like to get done each session?
Some days I just enjoy the feel of my wheels rolling! Other days I ain’t happy, unless I’ve done something F.R.E.S.H !!

Is it true that you do tricks so slow because your afraid of going fast, snail syndrone?
Slow and hard…..just how your lady likes it!!………… Didn’t you understand the moral of, ‘the tortoise and the hare’??

There seems to be a small trend of people putting there brakes back on, what are your feelings on it?
Totally Gutted! I mean I happy for anyone to be rocking with what ever set up they want if their having fun with it,but I think it’s just plain ugly and a step backwards: I haven’t seen a trick done with a brake that makes want to go back to brakes!! If a trick can be done with a brakes…it will look better without! Why stop the flow!
I also think no brakes was a progression as a whole and a big step away from the mainstream bicycle industry. Which to me is exactly where I think BMX should be going. I’m looking forward to seeing a complete BMX on the market without brakes.

Any level vibes happening this year?
There will be a Level Vibes with your usual format, the end of the year and maybe a London night jam thing in the summer. Get practising!

How do you keep motivated?
I ride purely for the soul. It’s way past the point of keeping motivated.

James questions’s for Keelan.

Name the one rider that has impressed you in the last month?
Definitely Hiroya at that comp that was indoors in Japan, he pulled everything and I was shocked how he has finally nailed all that jumping stuff, so sick!

Does being a short arse help with turbines?
It helps me out when chatting up your daughter..

When are you gonna do a proper edit instead of all that show off stuff ?
Lol very soon, learnt a new original trick, still trying to nail another, once I got it a new edit with new tricks is getting done.

Whats the oldest part of your bike?
I’ve had the gold geisha hub for I think 7 years! Never opened it up once, still going..touch wood.

Are you ever gonna compete again, or are you to scared of always being beat by a 41year old has been?
That 41 yr old got so lucky! ‘help the aged’ and all that… you got the pity vote

You once told me that you think of Effraim to stop climaxing to early. Is that still the case?
ahhaaaa your an idiot and that image is now in my head.

I’ve heard the waltzer was you favourite fairground ride as a child, do you think this had an effect on your riding?
It’s weird you should ask that, I actually cant go on any super fast spinny rides cuz i get sick! with my riding it’s ok i’m not sure why?

Tell us about your sessions in Leicester?
I ride in some tennis courts that are fairly quiet, but obviously when people come to play tennis I have to leave, it’s annoying I dont have a spot to go to anytime of the day or night to ride, theres a car park to go at night but it’s kinda dodgy, as in the floors bumpy and either wet or cars there.

When are we gonna see you on Britain’s got Talent?
This year me and you are going on as a double act, ‘me and my grandad’ doing bicycle tricks!

Plans for this year?
Keep riding and pushing myself to learn new tricks, I want to go to at least 1 or 2 real big comps, hard though without a sponsor, I would like a sponsor this year lol, but also….

*Keelan and James are joining up for an event later on in the year, this will be the 4th year of Keelans ‘BMX Battle’ and god knows how many years of Whitey’s level vibes, but a big joint event called ‘Battle Vibes’ will be happening!!!

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