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Jungle Rider is back with new products! The new 2014 product range has been produced and was already shipped to the shops all over the world. We had a chat with the boys from the jungle to bring you all the details on the new parts and distribution. The Indamix frame will come in 5 different TT versions from a short 18.5" TT to a street style 20.5" TT. The MAK III handlebar is available with 8.5" and 9" height and has 2° up and 6° backsweep. One of our highlights is the Hermit stem that comes with an awesome oilslick paintjob. Check the photos! Last but not least there is the Black Scorpio fork with 0 offset and removable brakemounts.

For the full detailed specs of all the parts visit our parts section: Indamix frameMAK III handlebarHermit stemBlack Scorpio fork

As we mentioned the parts will soon be available worldwide. Here is a list of dealers: (parts already in stock)
Navid Saleki for the Netherlands

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