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Intro: Effraim
Interview: Steve Lapsley
Photos: Provided by Joe Miller

If I rewind to 1999, I was at the Louisville X trials I had just qualified first. And this guy Joe Miller, was one of the few guys I remember just being super nice, and supportive. I am stoked to see Joe is still on the scene and giving back.
We all know the Am flat series has really helped the american flatland scene to grow, with attention turning to Round 3. Why not interview the man for Part 2 of the Round 3 Hype! Thanks to Steve Lapsley for stepping up and doing this interview!

Anarchy in Anderson is right around the corner. How are things playing out?
Things are really blowing up! We’re attaining more sponsors almost daily. I’m really happy with the response we’ve received from the BMX community. My lady Angi is the one really working her butt off for this event. Anarchy in Anderson’ success will undoubtedly be in large part to her efforts.

You’ve done shows and other contests before, how has this event been different?
This event is on an entirely different level. The comps I’ve put on myself have always been primarily local, you know, small stuff. However, we have had great turnouts at the more recent events. As for shows, I ride for Fat House Productions & Solution Action Sports. I pretty much just show up where I’m told and ride/hang all day. Shows are just fun for me, you have an opportunity to reach a very wide audience, and the ramp guys I perform with are absolutely incredible! Just getting to watch those guys is fun.

The flatland scene in North America seems to be growing. New events are popping up each year. However, the business side of flatland is still pretty small in N. America. With other big events this year (JomoPro, VooDoo Jam & Texas Toast in Oct) it must not have been an easy task to organize an additional event. Walk us through some of the things you’ve had to do to make Anarchy in Anderson happen.
It actually hasn’t been as difficult as we had first thought. But, again, I remind everyone just how much work Angi has done, more than I probably know about. Once we started the planning stage, I started getting a lot of help from friends in the industry; it’s definitely been a group effort. One of the biggest things we lined up first was securing Fat Tony to MC, having Fat there will take a load off of my shoulders, and Fat being the premier flatland photographer in the industry is a huge plus as well. Then we went to work on securing quality, respected judges and sponsors. So far, I’m very happy with the way things are turning out. It’s looking like we can make this an annual event.

I’ve personally rode at the contest site and it is top notch. Aside from a smooth large surface, what can riders coming expect from this contest?
Expect to have a blast! Our goal is to have a laid back, professionally run event that will keep flatlanders everywhere talking for some time to come. As for the surface, I will go on record right now, as having said, if you have a legitimate complaint about this contest surface, I will refund your entry fee. It is totally flat & level, as well as having the perfect combination of quickness, smoothness & grip. Guys are not going to have to give the surface a second thought; they can just concentrate on shredding.

Last words? Hype? Shout outs?
I have to thank my bride Angi, as well as my entire family for the love and support. I would like to thank Fat House Productions, Solution Action Sports, Jon at Shelter Clothing, all of the companies who’ve been great enough to support Anarchy in Anderson, Tyler Davis for riding with me every day, all of “my Kids” at the skate park, as well as you Steve for doing all you do, and Effraim for giving us all a forum for expression. Last, but certainly not least, ALL members of TEAM UNKNOWN, past & present.

One Love, Joe

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