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We received an interesting job offer: "Pro or semi pro flatlanders needed urgently for a tour of Rotations, a unique outdoor performance. Rotations fuses flatland with BBoyin (Breakdancing) so riders need to be consistent with their tricks and open adapting them to work in set routines on beat with precise timings to music. The work is paid, as well as a touring allowance, accommodation and travel.  Please contact us for details if you are interested with links to you riding at

The rehearsals are in the UK from 10 - 22 July, 10.30 – 17.30

UK tour dates:  Friday 23 July, Sunday 25 July, Thursday 29 - Saturday 31 July, Saturday 7 August, Wednesday 25/Thursday 26 August, Saturday 28 August

Interest from Hong Kong, Malaysia and New Zealand for next year."

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