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This new edit from Jason Plourde is incredible! He's put 100% of himself for an entire year to get this, and it is amazing to say the least!
We normally keep the captions brief, but Jason had some words about this edit that I think you'll want to hear:

"Transitions/Transmission 2013
Where to start? I have so much to say. I went through the hardest times in 2012/2013. From being in China, 6 ½ years, doing shows, steady lifestyle, riding, training and chilling to coming back to Quebec, broke as fuck, injured in the body and in the mind, without roots and trying to get back into the matrix. It’s quite a shock. I have been having mild (that’s what they call it) depression, three years in a row around December. No motivation, no will to ride, even to live. Sustained injuries to the left knee, right shoulder aching  (even through the night) and my good old sprained back. All this from over training, in and out flatland. The past 7 years of riding non stop is quite rewarding, as far as dopamine levels are concerned, but it takes its toll both on the mind and on the body. The stress in Quebec city of living the pro lifestyle, doing shows and contests drove me insane. I became addicted to dialing my signature combos and yes, that became a problem too.  I have been so deep into myself and flatland that I forgot about freestylin’. Excellence is my moto, everything I do, I do 110%. Guess what I did with alcohol… Daily sessions, shows, cardio workout, MMA interval and technique training, weight and bodyweight exercises, lots of work. I was eating, drinking, riding, chilling, training and even sleeping for flatland. It made me a blind and a madman. The fierce struggle against my ego has come to a halt. I need to accept that I need to heal.
For those who have accomplished themselves and went beyond will understand most. There is a point when we must accept that, as a true dedicated artist, a flatlander’s ultimate task is to lay down his bike and move on into life. By that I mean, learn to ride for fun, not only for achievement or money. Somewhere somehow, I became lost through performance, I dismissed freestyle.

Living out of riding is the best and coming off the buzz is the worst, but so is any addiction. At one point, I realized that flatland was making me both happy and sad. I learned to let go and accept the rainy days as periods of rest, meditation, shadow boxing or rehab trainings. I am very grateful to life, for I realized my life long dream, although I thought many times of ending it. This is called the law of equivalent exchange; what you take from one side will eventually have to be balanced on the other one. That same way, we juggle with our tricks. Flatland is my blessing and my curse, it’s my everything. I am a very lucky man, I learned my way through life with riding and travelling, the things I love the most. I have acquired so much wisdom and it keeps on going. Learn to live out of your comfort zone. 

The best reward of  this journey, 12 ½ motherfucking years, is to meet and chill with flatlanders from everywhere. Now I have to say this; if you have a big head and you think you own flatland, go fuck yourself. The true gift of this experience is to meet up with your best friend(s), go to an event or someone’s home or local spot, blast the floor with some sick ass tricks with people from different parts of the world, from different levels in flatland and feel the love surrounding everyone. That’s what I call a fucking gold medal. Guru Jam you know what I mean!!!
Apply your flatland technique and focus to your daily life and you will be a happy person. All this training is not in vain, if you can see it in everything you do. I learn to be happier without daily riding, shit… I never thought I would feel accomplished being back to a conventional job. What matters most is the present moment. Slow breathing…
I will still try to hit a few contests this year, but I now have to re-learn to appreciate my time on my bike. Learn to fall with a smile, not being pissed off because I missed a contest run. If Brandon Fenton keeps pushing me, I might end up doing a god damn quadruple brakeless decades combo, who knows? ! That sounds like Mortal Kombat, and I would like to keep it this way!!

I wish to thank you all from wherever you come from. We are all part of this event. Without the riders there is no flatland, no pushing the limits of gravity. Without Jp Rheault and Jim Mckay I have no edits, just footage. Without the scene there is no one to watch.  Without Dub, I have no mirror, no opponent. Without Chase Gouin, no gods lawlz!!! Be grateful to the universe, the greater force, the one that makes you breathe through your tricks without you thinking about it. 
12 ½ years in the making. This riding edit is my whole life. Sneak Peak through the veil. The good, the bad and the ugly, I’d do it again tomorrow. I know this is a lot, but I had to express myself. It’s a statement, not a testament. Don’t take life too seriously, stay focused and keep on riding. PEACE!!
*** Anyone keen to have their gears made for their upcoming or already existing brand, please let me know. High Cappin’ is the real deal. 
Also, do not hesitate to contact Dub @ Igi about his dope pegs, it’s a very efficient design for the new tricks era. Smooth pivots without tearing down your shoes!!"

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