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Bicycle Beat took place on 15th February in Gero-city, Gifu-pref, Japan. This was a tournament battle where 8 riders from Gifu-pref competed. The 4 riders who lost their first battle had a second chance to compete for the "Enari cup".

1st Kazuaki Saeki
2nd Akira "Can" Muramatsu
3rd Naoki "Jackson" Imori

Enari cup winner: Jumpei Goto

One of competitor Yasushi "Enari" Kajiwara sais: "Bicycle Beat was an event organized by a rider from Gero-city Mikio and Gero-city. Local people ran it, so many children and elder people watched it. It was very good that they tried new things such as movie advertisement and judging by perfection. We want to grow up BMX scene in Gifu-pref by organizing this event again!"

The video above shows the Bicycle beat final and a Kendama performance by Jackson.

Some photos and impressions by the staff: + local newspaper article
Teaser: (10min long and still worth a look!)

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