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Happy birthday James! Putting out ANY edit at 44 is an accomplishment in itself - but putting out a banging edit with new moves like this one should be an inspiration to us all. Well done man! Killing that back wheel!

James had some words to say about this edit, and it's such good stuff, I thought it deserved a post too:

"Good bye 43 and hello 44. In the world of Bmx the number 43 has a lot of meaning, for me it was one of my best years ever. I regained my health100% and got back on my bike. I pushed myself to what became the most progressive year in my 30 years of riding flatland. It has been six months now since I went brakeless and found a new flow to my riding. Hell I come from the Rad generation that consisted of balance and hopping tricks. (we had locking brakes) 44 will mark 30 years since I first competed in a flatland contest. The evolution of flatland has happened right in front of my eyes. I have been blessed to have traveled the world and see so many talented riders that share in the passion that is flatland. This is my life at 44!! I am a father, a business owner, a classic car enthusiast and a Bmx flatlander. For thirty years now I have put blood, sweat and even some tears to get where I am today and when it comes to my riding, this video is a compilation of what I believe to be some of my finest work. Enjoy and Thanks for watching."

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